A Simple Schedule for Cleaning New Hardwood Floors

There are few better feelings than the first moment you see your new hardwood floors in your home. Natural timber can bring out the best in your home in a way few other flooring materials can. Elegant, durable, and beautiful, hardwood floors give you a real luxury feeling every time you walk in your front door.

Of course, getting new hardwood floors in Parkland is only the first step. If you want to keep your floors beautiful for the lifetime of your home, you’ll also need to know the best way to keep them clean.

Maintaining a cleaning schedule is the easiest way to keep your floors looking great, and you can follow these simple tips after your hardwood floor installation from our professional staff here at Kuhn Flooring.

Dust and Sweep Your New Hardwood Floors Daily

You can achieve sufficient daily cleaning of your hardwood floor installation with a simple dust mop or a broom and dustpan. Concentrate on high traffic areas to remove dust and debris that can collect throughout the day. Give your floors a quick examination every morning or afternoon and target areas on an as-needed basis.

This simple maintenance tip ensures that dust and debris don’t collect in crevices and become abrasive over time. It only takes a few minutes each day to keep the new hardwood floors in your home looking great.

Bring the Vacuum Out Weekly for a Deeper Clean

Hardwood FloorsYou can vacuum new hardwood floors just like you would any other flooring material in your home. A vacuum will remove embedded dust and debris that a broom and dust mop can’t reach. Use your vacuum cleaner with a soft brush head to avoid damaging your floor.

Additionally, you can mop areas that are particularly hard to clean. However, you should always be very conservative with the amount of water you use. Even sealed floors don’t respond well to excessive amounts of water. Keep your mop damp but not completely saturated and go over any mopped sections with a polishing cloth or old towel to remove excess moisture.

Polish Your Floors Every Month

Polishing your floors is a great way to protect and seal them. New hardwood floors won’t need to be polished right away, but you should consider applying a polish within the first three months and every month afterward, depending on how much traffic you get in your home.

Polishing not only seals the wood, but it can also help to remove invisible scratches and abrasions that could deteriorate over time.

Consider Refinishing When Your Floors Start to Show Signs of Wear and Tear

Hardwood floors can last for the lifetime of your home, but you’ll have to stick to a maintenance schedule to ensure that your floors keep looking great. Any time that you notice damage or wear and tear, call in the experts. You can get partial or complete floor refinishing to protect the wood underneath, and even have damaged sections replaced for a reasonable cost.

If you need replacement flooring or any help with installing hardwood floors, always trust experts like our team at Kuhn Flooring.

Bonus Tips to Keep New Hardwood Floors Looking Great

  • Use mats around entranceways and hall rugs in high traffic areas.
  • Adjust the suggested maintenance schedule around busier times of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other celebrations may call for more frequent cleaning if you have guests.
  • Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners, soap, or home remedies like vinegar, etc. on your new hardwood floors.
  • Use bumpers, rubber feet, or felt pads on the legs of heavy furniture to prevent damage to your floor.


Why Should I Choose Hardwood Floors for My Home in Coral Springs?New flooring can give you real pride in your home. If your current flooring is outdated, worn, or simply not inspiring you every day, it might be time for a change. Our team at Kuhn Flooring can offer you a VIP experience with beautiful floors and outstanding customer service. Contact us today for a free consultation and prepare for a longer lasting and more beautiful home.