What Are the Best Flooring Options for the Kitchen?

Due to the activities that take place in kitchens, the rooms receive a lot of abuse and are prone to spills and staining. Choosing a flooring option for the kitchen can seem like an overwhelming task with so many choices from which to select. The flooring choice will ultimately be determined by multiple factors that […]

How to Clean Grout in Tile Flooring

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A tile floor is attractive and gives any room a sophisticated appearance. Grout is applied to hold tiles in place. Eventually, individuals will notice that the grout has become dull and dingy. That’s because the grout is at a slightly lower level than the tile, allowing dirt to deposit in the crevasses. The dirt that […]

The Benefits of Installing Carpet

Natural Fibers Could be the Best Choice

Despite what people hear and read, carpeting is still a popular floor covering, particularly for bedrooms and nurseries. Carpeting is available in synthetic and natural materials that includes wool, sisal, jute, coir, and seagrass. Materials Each material has its own set of characteristics. They include: Wool is beneficial for those with allergies and respiratory conditions. […]

The Benefits of Tile Flooring

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Porcelain and ceramic tiles are excellent choices for any room in the house. They have an extensive variety of benefits that enhance the beauty and the value of properties.Versatile Tile flooring is one of the most versatile choices available and appropriate for any room. The tiles are highly fire-resistant and won’t burn, smoke or emit […]

Kuhn Flooring is Your One Stop Shop for All Your Flooring Requirements


Shopping for flooring is much more difficult than in the past. New materials and larger selections can bring individuals to a standstill in their quest for flooring that meets their needs. It’s just one of the reasons that the professionals at Kuhn Flooring are always available to assist with helpful advice and information, along with […]

Is Vinyl Flooring Good for Commercial Applications?

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Owners of commercial spaces want flooring that’s affordable and will perform under a variety of conditions. Vinyl flooring meets those requirements. The flooring is commonly used in multiple business environments. The only locations that aren’t appropriate for vinyl is in commercial kitchens and certain industrial environments. Advances in technology has resulted in vinyl flooring that […]

Laminate Flooring – Looks Like Real Hardwood Flooring

A Buying Guide for Laminate Flooring

Anyone can have the luxury look of high-end hardwood flooring without the expense. Advances in modern technology has resulted in laminate flooring that has the appearance of authentic hardwood flooring. Laminate provides the aesthetic value of hardwood and adds value to homes, without the cost and tedious maintenance concerns. Laminate is available in planks and […]

Is Carpet Still a Popular Flooring Choice?

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The answer to that question is a rounding yes. Despite the hype surrounding hardwood flooring, carpeting is making a definite comeback after falling out of favor in the 1970s due to the shag carpeting craze. Today’s carpeting offers a much larger selection of colors, textures, patterns and materials than in years past. An increasing number […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Flooring

Choosing new flooring is fun and exciting. It can also be confusing with so many options from which to choose. Individuals may have their heart set on one type of flooring, only to discover what they perceive as a major disadvantage. Always speak up and ask questions. It will save time, money and potential buyer’s […]

Best Flooring for Home and Business

Modern Tile Floors in Boca Raton

There’s no one best choice when it comes to flooring. The ultimate selection will depend on a variety of factors encompassing budgetary concerns and the amount of foot traffic received to the ease of care, cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the specific needs of the environment where it will be placed, some types of flooring […]