Flooring Patterns and Layouts


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floor patterns

Flooring Patterns and Layouts

One of the major problems for homeowners is how to make a small room appear larger, but others want to create a cozier look. Much will depend on the pattern of the chosen flooring and the layout when it’s installed. There’s no unspoken rule that says flooring must be laid in a linear pattern. Flooring experts can help clients select a pattern that will reflect more natural light into a room or make a large room seem cozy.

Tiles and Planks

One of the best things about tiles and planks is their versatility. Hardwood and luxury are available in planks that can be arranged in any number of designs and patterns. Luxury vinyl is also available in tiles. When choosing luxury vinyl, individuals have options that emulate stone and wood, multiple patterns and a myriad of colors.


patternsSometimes patterning comes from the flooring itself, while in other instances it’s derived from how the flooring is actually laid. Hardwood flooring is offered in herringbone, chevron, basketweave, brick and Versailles patterns. Those same effects can be achieved with luxury vinyl planks.

Laminate flooring is available that duplicates the appearance and texture of tile, stone and hardwood. Available in planks, it’s an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers and it’s available in an extensive range of colors from the lightest pine to ebony and the metallic sheen of platinum.


Most people opt for a straight, traditional grid-type installation without exploring any other way. Flooring can be installed diagonally, staggered, offset, random, herringbone and weave patterns, just to name a few. The pattern in which the flooring is installed can change the size perception of the room and enable individuals to make better use of the available natural light. The lay of the flooring can create a sense of cozy informality or a highly elegant and sophisticated appearance.

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