Frequently Asked Questions Regarding New Hardwood Floors


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding New Hardwood Floors

Are you ready to start a new flooring project in your home? Choosing and installing new floors can be incredibly exciting, especially when you see the beautiful results. Natural hardwood floors are a premium choice for discerning homeowners as they offer a beautiful aesthetic that is warm and inviting. Choose hardwood will bring class and distinction to your home that is rarely achievable with other flooring methods.

However, before you book your installation, read our helpful FAQ to familiarize yourself with all things hardwood flooring.

What are the Key Benefits of Hardwood Floors?

For many people, beauty is the most important benefit of hardwood. Natural timber floors have an unmatched aesthetic that is completely unique and instantly recognizable.

Additionally, many homeowners also love the durability and low maintenance upkeep that comes from having hardwood floors installed.

Is DIY a Good Idea for New Flooring?

If you have extensive experience installing hardwood floors, a DIY project is not out of the question. However, for the average family, we do not recommend DIY flooring.  Without the right tools and techniques, a simple floor installation can turn into a disaster. There’s also the fact that installing new flooring is time intensive and much faster and easier with a crew of professionals.

Will There Be Variations in Color and Patterns with Natural Hardwood Floors?

Natural hardwood floors can have slight variations in color that can you can address with stains and other sealing materials. Grain patterns can vary from section to section, but the overall profile remains the same when you stick to the same species of wood, and hardwood floors are designed to look great even with the variation in appearance.  In fact, the variation is one of the reasons why many homeowners love hardwood flooring.

What Rooms Are Suited to Except Hardwood Flooring?

You install flooring in every room of your home. Dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, and entryways are all common places to have hardwood floors installed. Kitchens can use hardwood floors although tiles are a more common choice. For bathrooms and laundries, tiles are preferred due to the high risk of moisture exposure.

Are Wood Floors Easy to Care For?

Absolutely! Hardwood floors require minimal maintenance. Regular sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush head is all that you need for day to day upkeep. Additionally, floors can be polished when necessary (usually every two to three months) to keep them looking like new. You can even sand and refinish a worn out hardwood floor to give it new life, making this type of flooring an excellent long-term investment.

What is the Cost?

The cost can vary depending on several factors. The size of your home, the amount of flooring you are replacing, the specific floor material you choose, and the required prep work are all factored into the final cost. Get an estimate and consultation from Kuhn Flooring.

It’s critical that you choose the best company for hardwood flooring. At Kuhn Flooring we have been installing the finest floors in Deerfield Beach and South Florida for three generations. We know how to build floors that stand the test of time.

A full VIP service includes complimentary design consultation and project management throughout your renovation. Whatever look and feel you want to create; our experts will help to turn your vision to reality. THE LATEST DESIGN TRENDS AND TIMELESS CLASSIC STYLES ARE FOUND HERE

When you demand the best craftsmanship, absolute professionalism, and competitive prices, Kuhn Flooring can deliver. Talk to us today to begin the consultation process and look ahead to a more beautiful and functional home this year.

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