Laminate Flooring in South Florida

Laminate Flooring: The Right Choice for Your South Florida Home


New laminate flooring installation South FloridaWhen you are looking at getting new flooring in your South Florida home, it can be challenging to decide which type will be best for you and your needs. With carpeting, hardwood, linoleum, tile, and laminate to choose from, it can be hard to weigh and compare all the benefits of each. However, we believe that if you look into laminate flooring a little more, you will realize it has some of the benefits found in each of the flooring options making it an overall best selection for everyday residential flooring.


The Benefits of Laminate:


There are many reasons homeowners have chosen laminate in the past, and now with its updated looks and durability, there are very few downsides to this flooring option. Here is a list of a few of the best features new laminate flooring has to offer.


  • Cleaning – This type of flooring only requires sweeping or a vacuum cleaner set to low pile. If needed, you can utilize a dust mop or a low moisture mop to get this floor even cleaner, but there is never a need for added polish or waxing.
  • Moisture – Unlike other types of flooring, you can put laminate in rooms where it might get wet. There are even some waterproof laminate floorings available.
  • Durability – Laminate holds up against dents and scratches because of a special built-in layer. This means that it holds up under many situations that most other floor types do not.
  • Function – Certain flooring types can add extra stress to your joints due to their hardness. While laminate does look and feel like a hard flooring, most laminate has a little give to it which can help ease wear and tear on your body from continuous standing.
  • Aesthetics – You can get new laminate flooring that looks like genuine hardwood, natural stone, and even different types of tile. The look of laminate has come a long way, and many people cannot tell the difference in the products. In addition to the right look, laminate floors also have the texture of the product you are imitating.


This extra attention to detail, along with the combination of the best benefits from other flooring options, makes laminate one of the best flooring choices with some of the most valuable benefits.


What to Look for in Laminate 


Cheapest laminate flooring South Florida

Once you have decided that having laminate as the primary flooring in your South Florida home is the right choice for you, there are plenty of other decisions to make. Below is a list of things you should consider when selecting which laminate floor is right for you.




What texture are you looking for in your laminate flooring? Some laminates look like hardwood while others look like stone, and still, others look like tile. Which look and feel are you trying to achieve in your home?




Most manufacturers finish laminate floorings before installation. There are typically two finishes to choose from, matte or glossy. The main difference between these finishes is purely cosmetic, and the choice between them comes down to your personal preference.


Shape and Size


Most laminate can be purchased as tiles or in strips like planks. These units of flooring can be placed in varying patterns to achieve a look that is personalized and customized to the final appearance you are trying to create in your home.


Design and Customization 


If you are trying to achieve a specific design or ideal look in your home, there is no better option for flooring than laminate. Laminate allows you to get an exact color match and pattern. You will be able to match curtains, wall color, and furniture to your sample colors with no worry that the natural material may have variations in color.


When talking to your laminate flooring installation company, you should discuss with them the different options that they offer. You will want to consider the colors and varieties carefully. Here in South Florida, many of us must think about the area where we live. If your property has a lot of sand, you may want to consider a lighter colored flooring to camouflage any sand that makes its way into your home between cleanings. If you happen to live in a location where there is a lot of dirt or grass, you should consider earth tones or neutral colors.


You should also keep in mind when changing your flooring that not every room needs to have laminate flooring. Also, just because you have decided to go with one style or color of laminate in your kitchen, that does not mean that you must use the same style or design in your front entryway.


Kuhn Flooring and Your South Florida Home


New laminate flooring in South FloridaKuhn Flooring is the best laminate installation company in all South Florida. We offer some of the highest quality laminate products with a wide variety of options, and our specialized flooring team can help you with every step of your project. Additionally, our design team can assist you in making an overall plan for your home. They will work with you to help you choose the right types of flooring for each room you are looking to update. They specialize in finding quality selections that will meet your homes physical needs, your visual desires, and your financial budget. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, but you do not have to take our word for it, you can read our five star Florida flooring reviews online.


Once you finalize your selections, our installation teams will set up a schedule for a timetable that works best for you. We will come out and install your new flooring to your specifications and have your home looking great in no time!


If, after reading this article, you have more questions about laminate or having new flooring installed in your home, contact us at Kuhn Flooring. We can answer your questions as well as get you started on your flooring project today.





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