Best Luxury Plank Vinyl Installers in South Florida

Benefits of Luxury Plank Vinyl


Best Luxury Plank Vinyl Installers in Coral SpringsThere are many different benefits to having luxury plank vinyl in your South Florida home; however, it can sometimes be helpful to look at the advantages compared to the drawbacks. Knowing the ins and outs of particular flooring types can be beneficial when you are choosing which rooms to put them. While understanding the detriments can help you avoid placing plank vinyl in places where it should not go.


The Pros and the Cons of Luxury Plank Vinyl 


The Pros 


  • Aesthetic
    • Vinyl flooring is printed to appear in many different ways. That means that this type of flooring is entirely customizable with colors and varieties that know no limits.
  • Any Subfloor
    • You can install vinyl flooring on almost any type of subflooring. This includes but is not limited to cement, granite, laminate, and tile.
  • Budget Friendly
    • Affordability is one of vinyl floorings most widely known features. Before more high-quality varieties of vinyl, its low cost is one of the only good things consumers knew about this type of flooring. Now, with modern engineering and technologies, versatility is vinyl plank floorings main advantage. 
  • Customization
    • Due to the ability to change the aesthetics of luxury vinyl plank, you can achieve different looks. Though most people typically think of vinyl that looks like wood, you can also choose a natural stone or tile appearance as well. 
  • Durability
    • There is a layer added to the top of luxury plank vinyl that helps it handle excess wear and tear, and allows the vinyl to meet commercial grade standards for sturdiness. Causing damage such as scratches or dents is very difficult making vinyl plank flooring an excellent option for high traffic areas such as entryways and hallways. 
  • Low Maintenance
    • Due to the smooth surface of vinyl, taking care of this flooring very easy. You typically only need to sweep or vacuum it. If spills do occur, you can use a damp mop to clean the affected area. There is never a need for polishing or waxing this type of floor covering.
  • Moisture Resistance
    • Vinyl is moisture resistant naturally. If water or a spill does get on your vinyl flooring, simply wipe it up in a timely manner, so that the liquid does not seep into the seams, and the flooring should be unaffected by the moisture. This means that vinyl flooring can be used in almost any room in your home.


The Cons 


  • Flexibility with Longevity The Pros and the Cons of Luxury Plank Vinyl in Coral Springs
    • In other words, if you set any heavy item on the vinyl plank flooring for an extended period of time, you may risk putting permanent dents in the floor. For example: if you have an excessively heavy couch (such as a hide-a-bed with a steel frame) and you leave it in the same position, you could eventually create permanent indentations where the feet or structure of the couch was set continuously on the vinyl.
  • Non-biodegradable
    • Due to the nature of the materials vinyl is made from, it is not naturally biodegradable. While this does lead some people to believe that vinyl is not ecologically friendly, this is not true of every style. Some vinyl flooring can be recycled and repurposed. 
  • Not Weather Resistant
    • Vinyl flooring can become brittle and fade over time with excessive ultraviolet exposure. This means that after prolonged exposure to sunlight, your floors could lose some of their durability and color vibrancy.
  • Penetrability
    • Though today’s vinyl flooring is very durable and difficult to scratch or dent, you can puncture it with very sharp or weighty objects. This is not typically an issue; however, it is worth noting if you plan to utilize luxury plank flooring in your kitchen where you may periodically drop knives or broken glass. It is also important to remember this detriment if you will be utilizing this flooring in an industrial or commercial area that has extraordinarily heavy objects dropped or moved on it regularly. 
  • Removal
    • Depending on the method of installation, removing vinyl flooring can be challenging. There are two standard methods of installation, glue/adhesive or tongue, and an interlocking groove system. Floating luxury vinyl planks with a tongue and groove interlock are more simple to remove; however if there were adhesives of any kind used during any part of the installation process, removal could be more troublesome and complete removal may require the help of a professional flooring removal service.


Kuhn Flooring, Your South Florida Luxury Plank Vinyl Installers


Kuhn Flooring, Your South Florida Luxury Plank Vinyl Installers for Coral SpringsKuhn Flooring is one of the best Luxury Plank Vinyl installation companies here in South Florida. Our team of knowledgeable experts has years of experience in the flooring industry and can assist you with all aspects of your project. Additionally,our design consultants can guide you in selecting the best flooring for each room while our installation team will install your new floors to your satisfaction.

We offer a wide selection of luxury plank vinyl as well as many other flooring options such as tile, carpeting, hardwood, and laminate. Here at Kuhn flooring, we work with all different clients on all manner of projects. We have done many residential jobs as well as complex commercial developments throughout the South Florida area.


As a result of our commitment to our customers, we have excellent references and great reviews; infact, you can read some of ourfive star Florida flooring reviews on our website. The combination of our design teams and flooring experts makes Kuhn Flooring the right flooring installation company for the job. If you are considering upgrading any of the floorings in your home or office, you should contact one of our agents today. We make your interior design needs our priority.





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