Coral Springs Luxury Plank Vinyl

Luxury Plank Vinyl: South Florida’s Go to Flooring

Luxury Plank Vinyl: South Florida’s Go to Flooring


A new up and comer in the South Florida flooring industry is luxury plank vinyl. This flooring type has some great qualities that are making it the most popular choice right now. Believe it or not, at one point, home and business owners alike looked at the vinyl flooring world as one of the worst options available. However, a ton of science and engineering has gone into making luxury plank vinyl very realistic looking with more durability and longevity than even some standard hardwoods.


Luxury Plank Vinyl: What Is It?


Plank vinyl flooring is also known as Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) or Luxury Vinyl Floor (LVF). This type of flooring uses the same materials as typical vinyl flooring but comes in strips that are long and narrow opposed to the more common square vinyl tiles. These long boards help the flooring look more like authentic wood as well as make it easier to install because it takes fewer pieces to fill your space.


Luxury Plank Vinyl: What Marks Good Quality?


Three things increase the quality of luxury vinyl flooring: graphic designs, thickness, and embossed texture.


Graphic Design


  • Graphic designs, which encompass color and wood grain characteristics, are printed on this flooring and make a big difference in how realistic it looks. The better the graphics, the higher the quality of your luxury vinyl plank, and the more the vinyl looks like natural hardwood.




  • The thickness of the individual planks is significant. Thinner planks are not as durable, cannot be as embossed with texture, and can cause issues during installation. In fact, you can buy some vinyl that is so thin and such poor quality that it can break while you are just trying to take it out of the box.


Embossed Texture


  • Depending on the thickness of the planks, some high-quality LVF can have extraordinary embossed detail, which helps the graphics look more realistic. Additionally, some manufacturers use distressing techniques to make planks look older and worn. You can even find LVP that looks scratched or appears to have nail holes or other details that add character. A deeper embossing usually indicates a higher quality product.


Luxury Plank Vinyl: The Pricing

Luxury Plank Vinyl: What Marks Good Quality for your Coral Springs Home?


When most of us think of vinyl, we think of an affordable flooring option, and luxury plank vinyl is no exception. Homeowners often choose this type of flooring over traditional hardwood as it cost significantly less than natural options. You will find that the higher the quality of the vinyl, the more costly the flooring will be per square foot. Typically, the costs of VPF is about the same as that of tile, but you still come out ahead because you don’t have to buy thin set, grout, or mortar for the installation of vinyl flooring. Also, due to time and ease of installation, the cost of the installation itself is generally more affordable than that of tile or hardwood.


Luxury Plank Vinyl: The Pros and Cons




  • More water resistant
  • More durable
  • Inexpensive (comparably)
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable look




  • No padding underneath makes it a harder flooring surface
  • Some home buyers may view vinyl flooring as something they must replace, causing them to value the home differently.


Luxury Plank Vinyl: Size, Style, and Customization


When it comes to size:


There are two standard lengths and widths for LVF: 36 or 48 inches long and 6 to 7 ¾ inches wide. This differs from real wood significantly as you can purchase most natural woods in much longer lengths and almost any width.


When it comes to style:


There are two common styles of plank graphics: first are single planks of vinyl which look like a single plank of wood, the second style is vinyl plank that looks like multiple pieces of wood. Typically, larger wood planks have more embossing and detail in the flooring. In contrast, planks that are designed to look like many different pieces of wood per each plank of vinyl have less detail.


When it comes to customization:


One of the benefits of choosing vinyl over natural wood is that you can select colors and styles that might not be easy to obtain. Buying certain types of wood might be more expensive than more common woods; however, most styles or shades of vinyl cost the same.


For example, the distinctive color and beautiful grain of mahogany is a favorite of many; however, it is a rarer wood and therefore more expensive. Compare that to luxury vinyl flooring that looks like mahogany, which would likely cost you no more than that which looks like oak.


Luxury Vinyl Plank: Kuhn Flooring


Luxury Vinyl Plank: Kuhn FlooringKuhn Flooring is a Luxury Vinyl Plank installation company with a large selection of different LVF. Our design team can walk you through each step of the preparation process. After planning what types of floors you want and which rooms you will be updating, our logistics team will work with you on a cost estimate and a timetable. Your final step is to have our specialists in your home to install your new flooring.


Our team has experts that are knowledgeable and experienced in both commercial and residential flooring. We can help you with any size or style project.


If you are considering getting new flooring of any kind, or if you have any further questions regarding luxury vinyl flooring, please contact us at Kuhn Flooring today. Let us help you choose the best flooring options for you and your home’s needs.





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