Modern Tile Floors in Boca Raton

Whether you are creating your new dream home or just looking to remodel some of the floors in your Boca Raton home, one of the things most homeowners struggle with is what kind of flooring materials to use. Even if you have settled on putting tile in your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, you still have to decide which type of tile to use. Two of the most common floor tile types are porcelain and ceramic.

Both porcelain and ceramic each have unique qualities that make them great. Which one is best for you?

Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile: The Difference

Though ceramic and porcelain tiles are very similar, there are many differences.

  1. Density: Porcelain tiles are denser and have fewer pours than ceramic tile typically does.
    • Because porcelain has a high density and fewer pours, it makes it harder for any liquids to penetrate its surface. However, ceramic can be more resistant to fluid when glazed with glass. Adding the glass glaze to ceramic makes it nearly impervious to water.Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile: The Difference
  2. Stain Resistance: Porcelain tiles are more stain-resistant because of their density.
    • Due to its ability to repel liquid, porcelain tile is tough to stain. The same can be said for most tiles that have a glass glaze.
  3. Liquid Absorption: Ceramic tiles have a higher absorption rate.
    • For a tile to be qualified as porcelain, it must have a water absorption rate that is less than a tenth of a percent. In contrast, a standard ceramic tile typically has a water absorption rate of three percent or more.
  4. Durability: Porcelain tiles are more durable.
    • Porcelain tiles are known to be one of the most stringent options for flooring, unlike ceramic tiles which break more easily.
  5. Fireproof: Ceramic tiles are not as fireproof as porcelain tiles.
    • Porcelain tile flooring is nearly fireproof. Because of its resistance to burning, this type of floor can create a natural barrier that restricts flames from moving to other parts of your home.
  6. Life Span: Porcelain tiles have a longer life span.
    • Even when new tile is installed in high traffic areas, porcelain easily lasts for decades. Ceramic tiles usually need to be replaced due to cracking.
  7. Maintenance: Ceramic tiles can be higher maintenance when compared to porcelain.
    • Porcelain tiles are typically easier to maintain a clean look on due to their stain resistance; however, both tile types are pretty easy to care for. You can sweep them regularly and use a damp rag or mop whenever it is needed.
  8. Replacement: Porcelain tiles are easy to replace if needed.
    • Though porcelain is highly resistant to cracking, some breaking can occur. With both types of tile flooring, you can replace or remove the damaged tile.
    • Pro Tip: Keep an extra box of any tile you have placed in your home for future repairs.
  9. Cost: Ceramic tiles are more affordable than porcelain.
    • Due to the extra processing that makes porcelain tiles more durable and water-resistant, the tiles are also more expensive. If cost is something you are watching or concerned with, you will find that ceramic tile flooring is more affordable.
  10. Weight: Porcelain tiles are heavier than ceramic.
    • Because of the added density, porcelain tiles are quite a lot heavier than ceramic tiles. If weight is a concern, you may want to consider using ceramic tiles in those areas instead of porcelain flooring.

Which is Better?

Overall porcelain wins as a better tile flooring option in our book. It is excellent for walls and flooring, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Though ceramic tiles are great, when compared with porcelain, we find them to be a little lacking. However, if you are looking for a more affordable or lighter weight option, we recommend that you use ceramic tiles for your home.


Some tile flooring companies offer natural stone as an alternative tile option. You will find that these options have a unique and more natural look that can bring a touch of elegance or nature to your home. Some of the most common natural stones used for flooring are listed below.

  • MarbleKuhn Flooring for Your Tile Solutions
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Onyx

Each of these stones has its own distinct color variations and appearance as well as specific price point.

Kuhn Flooring for Your Tile Solutions

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