5 Tips About Carpet Installation in South Florida

5 Tips About Carpet Installation in South Florida 

Not many people look forward to having new flooring put into their house. The job generally involves loads of work for you and the contractor. There are a few tricks that can help you prepare Carpet changebefore you get new carpets in your South Florida home. These tricks can make getting your new flooring to feel like a breeze.


Tip 1 – Move all your furniture

This is where some of the hard work on your part comes in. Unfortunately, new carpeting cannot be put in a room with any furniture. You do have to remove everything from the space so that the installation team has complete access to the floor. Some people believe that the furniture can be moved from one side of the room to the other; however, to ensure your carpet is smooth and flush with the floor, you will need to remove all obstacles from the room completely.


Some new carpet installation companies can help you move some of your larger furniture items for you, while other contractors will not assist with moving items due to liability. For example, even if a company is willing to help you move large pieces of furniture, they will likely not help you move pianos or pool table due to their extreme weight or value. It is also essential to remember that while the carpet installers may help you move your tv stand and electronics, they will typically not assist in any way with unhooking or reconnecting any of it.


If you are anxious about the moving process or some of your items are larger, it may be best to talk to a local moving company. Businesses that are insured and bonded for moving large or valuable items should be able to come out and assist with moving your items for a low or nominal fee. This gives you added peace of mind that they are being handled with care and that you are not straining or hurting yourself trying to carry something too heavy.



Tip 2 – Get the old flooring removed!

This may seem like an obvious statement; however, some flooring can be put on top of others. Carpet, typically, can be placed over some flooring types such as hardwood but not generally over other carpets or tile. This has to do with the different methods used for new carpet installations. Tacking and gluing will be able to hold to wood surfaces when the carpet or tile could cause difficulties.


If you have flooring or carpeting that needs removing, you will want to talk to your installation contractor because they can sometimes do old floor removal. If they do not provide this service, you will be faced with the decision to remove your old flooring yourself or to hire a floor removal service. Some types of flooring are more effortless to remove than others.


Tip 3 – Evaluate the heights of your wall trim and doors.

One of the biggest problems with putting new carpet in is knowing the height of your doors and molding. If a rug pile height combined with the thickness of the pad is too tall, this can lead to a more substantial issue. Doors that catch on carpets can cause bare spots or wear. To avoid this issue, some contractors have even cut off the bottoms of doors. Good carpet installation companies will measure your molding height and be able to advise you on the right choices; however, it never hurts to be extra prepared.


Tip 4 – Have touch up paint available.

Though all new carpet installers are going to as careful as possible, there is a risk that they will bump a wall or freshly painted baseboard with the back of the carpet. Due to the course tooth of the backing of most rugs, this contact can cause a small scuff or scratch mark and require touch up painting later. It is always handy to expect these accidents may happen and be prepared with a little paint set aside just in case.


Tip 5 – Have Maintenance on the Mind

Before your South Florida carpet installation crew leave your home completely, be sure to talk to them about carpet cleaning. Most carpeting must be vacuumed regularly with a good quality beater brush-type vacuum. This kind of vacuum cleaner is necessary to loosen up the dirt so that it can be removed more effectively. Beyond just vacuuming, it is vital to realize that getting your carpet cleaned by a professional once every other year, or even once a year if needed is ok, you can cause your rug to show premature aging if you over wash it. Discuss with your carpeting contractor what maintenance tips they recommend and what is required for your carpet’s warranty.


Regardless if you or a company are handling the floor removal, there are a few tips to remember:


  • Tack strips from old carpet do not have to be removed because they can sometimes be reused which could end up saving you money in the long run.
  • Make sure all staples are either removed or hammered flush with the base floor.
  • Remove any fuzz or fibers that stick out of staples or tacks so that they do not become bumps that you can feel under your carpet
  • Treat any areas where there might have been pet incidents before the new rug is laid. This will ensure that there are not future repeat problems due to your pet smelling the previous spots.


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