Best Tile Floor Installers in South Florida

Installing Tile Floors in Your South Florida Home

When looking to get any new flooring, finding the best tile floor installer in South Florida can be one of the toughest searches to do. Knowing a few things to look for in your tile floor installer can help you when making important choices about the right contractor. By knowing who has the best selection, competitive pricing, excellent recommendations, high-quality job standards, and a customer service-oriented mindset, you cannot only get great new tile flooring but have a pleasant experience that will far exceed your expectations for any flooring project.


Having a Variety of Tile Flooring Options is Essential 


The best tile flooring installers in South Florida will have a large selection of different tile for you to browse through. Their team should be able to recommend different styles and colors that would look nice in your space as well as show you options that you might not have considered before. Their inventory should consist of different sizes as well as materials and color for selection. If your contractor has a design team available, you may want to consider talking with them so they can help you with a few of the following choices you will need to make.

  • Will you be doing one solid tile style, or will you be utilizing accent colors?
  • What size tile is best for the space?
  • Which colors might look best together as well as with your room?
  • What type of tile flooring will hold up best in the area you are looking to have redone?


Competitive Pricing for Tile Floor Installation in Florida


Knowing a baseline of what some other new tile installation companies in South Florida are charging will help you make sure the contractor you select has competitive pricing. You will want to ensure you are searching for a company that lists their costs and explains why expenses are set how they are. A few things to consider when checking into the costs of a new tile floor installer:


  • Which type of tile you selected 
    • Each material the tiles are made of has a different value. Typically, natural stone tiles tend to cost more per square foot.
  • Other items and miscellaneous supplies
    • There are many other tools, glues, or grouts needed for tile installation. Depending on the size or style of tile that you have chosen, there will be a varying need for different supplies causing the costs to differ significantly.
  • Installation costs and fees 
    • Every contractor will have their own set rates and prices associated with installing new tile flooring. These costs may differ depending on the type of tile work being done as well as the size of the tile being laid.


Regardless of the contractor, you select, a good company will be able to review your area and go over the details of your project with you. The flooring team should be able to give you an accurate time and cost estimate.


Find a Tile Flooring Company Who has Great Recommendations


If a tile installation contractor is doing their job correctly, people will be talking about it. Word of mouth is one of the most honest and accurate ways we can see a company’s reputation. By asking around to your friends and community, you are likely to find out who the best tile floor installers in South Florida are all on your own; however, there are other ways to learn if a company comes highly recommended. You can search the following places for more five star Florida flooring reviews:


  • Online reviews 
    • On Google
    • On Social Media Sites
    • On their webpage
    • The Better Business Bureau


There are literally hundreds of places for people to leave reviews online. You can bet that there are a few out there for your contractor as well. Reading these recommendations can help you get a feel for the reputation your South Florida tile installer might have.


Tile Floor installers with High-Quality Standards


Looking at different flooring contractors can be confusing; however, a sure-fire way to get the best tile installation company is to look at their work quality. It is one thing to know that a contractor and their teams are experienced and have done a lot of work. Knowing that the quantities of work that has been done, has been done well, is another thing altogether. If a contractor does commercial flooring in your local Florida area, and there is somewhere you can look at a flooring project they have completed; it never hurts to go and see those finished projects. New tile floors are an investment, and it is reasonable to want to make sure that your contractor is great at the job you need doing.


Customer Service-oriented Mind Sets Make All the Difference


Even if a company is the best South Florida tile installers, they are nothing if they cannot work well with you and help you to achieve your goals for your project. Once the job is done, it is your home or business and you that will have to like the way that it looks. An integral part to ensuring that you get the results you want from a tile installation company is by making sure they have an excellent customer service team that is willing to work with you every step of the way.


Kuhn Flooring – The Best South Florida Tile Installers 


Kuhn flooring is the best flooring installation company around. Not only do they provide a large selection of tile and other flooring options to choose from, but they also have great competitive pricing to offer as well. With all the excellent recommendations and reviews this company has, it should come as no surprise to anyone that they have the highest quality work standards with some of the best customer service teams available. They will help you with every aspect of your project – from tile selections to cleaning tips and long-time care instructions once the job is complete. Trust Kuhn Flooring with your tile project today!




Why Kuhn?

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Our Project Managers and Color Design Representatives provide the ultimate custom service as well as education on the latest trends.


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