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Shopping for flooring is much more difficult than in the past. New materials and larger selections can bring individuals to a standstill in their quest for flooring that meets their needs. It’s just one of the reasons that the professionals at Kuhn Flooring are always available to assist with helpful advice and information, along with […]

Is Vinyl Flooring Good for Commercial Applications?

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Owners of commercial spaces want flooring that’s affordable and will perform under a variety of conditions. Vinyl flooring meets those requirements. The flooring is commonly used in multiple business environments. The only locations that aren’t appropriate for vinyl is in commercial kitchens and certain industrial environments. Advances in technology has resulted in vinyl flooring that […]

Best Flooring for Home and Business

Modern Tile Floors in Boca Raton

There’s no one best choice when it comes to flooring. The ultimate selection will depend on a variety of factors encompassing budgetary concerns and the amount of foot traffic received to the ease of care, cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the specific needs of the environment where it will be placed, some types of flooring […]

High Traffic Flooring for your Commercial Space

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If you’re choosing flooring for your commercial enterprise one of the most important considerations will be value for the cost. Flooring should reflect the ambiance of the business itself and the best high traffic flooring for one commercial company may not be desirable for another establishment. Tile Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain or marble tile, there […]

Attractive Commercial Flooring for any Size Business

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Customers do notice the floors they walk on, particularly in businesses. The type and condition of the floor tell individuals much about a commercial endeavor. There are a variety of business-friendly materials available when it’s time to update or replace commercial flooring that provides multiple benefits. Business flooring should combine functionality and durability with aesthetics. […]

Increase the Value of your Business Space with a new Floor

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There are dozens of factors that combine to make your business attractive to customers and clients. One of the most overlooked elements is the flooring in your business space. A company with a floor that appears dirty, damaged, or worn gives the impression of a business that doesn’t care or even one that’s failing. Simply […]

4 Flooring Options for High-Traffic Areas

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Children, pets, large families, and frequent entertaining can quickly take a toll on a home’s flooring. Everyone wants elegant appearing floors that are also durable. Homeowners that are contemplating new flooring should evaluate the traffic level of each room before making a definitive decision. With so many options, selecting flooring can be overwhelming. Talk to […]

Maintaining Your Grout

Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile: The Difference

Grout is used in a variety of capacities in homes and businesses. The most common place to find it is between floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Grout fills the spaces between the tiles to bond them together and to create a seal that’s water-tight. Grout requires regular attention if it’s to maintain its […]

Best Scratch Resistant Flooring Options

Life is busy and after the initial installation, few people think about the floors in their homes or businesses unless damage occurs. Children and pets can place additional stress on flooring, making it imperative that individuals think about their flooring selections carefully. There are a variety of options that provide beauty, value and superior scratch […]

More five-star Florida flooring reviews

More five-star Florida flooring reviews

You don’t survive in the highly competitive South Florida flooring market by cutting corners. At Kuhn Flooring Gallery, a flooring company in Palm Beach you can trust, we are very proud of our 30+ year history providing personalized service and quality flooring for Boca Raton, Coral Springs and Parkland families. And we are grateful to […]