5 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Flooring

Choosing new flooring is fun and exciting. It can also be confusing with so many options from which to choose. Individuals may have their heart set on one type of flooring, only to discover what they perceive as a major disadvantage. Always speak up and ask questions. It will save time, money and potential buyer’s […]

What is Parquet Flooring?

The term parquet flooring is often mistaken for a type of material, when it’s actually a type of patterned wood flooring. Rather than laying wood planks in a traditional strip pattern, at one time, parquet flooring was created by arranging small wooden slats in repeating patterns. Once reserved for the rich and famous, installation was […]

Popular Stone Tiles

The term “stone tile” typically brings to mind marble or granite, but there are dozens of popular stone materials of which many individuals aren’t even aware. The most popular are ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Each can be used in homes or businesses to great effect and some have striking similarities. Leading the pack in […]

Benefits of Porcelain

porcelain-marble-tile company coral springs

Home and business owners don’t have to shoulder the cost of marble to obtain the same extravagant look. Porcelain tile is an elegant solution that beautifies, while providing maximum durability that can last for decades. It’s a popular and durable solution for homes, businesses, rental properties, and facilities that must adhere to a higher level […]

Choosing a Floor to Fit your Style

Best Carpet Installers in Boca Raton

People don’t normally think about their lifestyle when selecting a floor covering. They choose them based primarily on aesthetics. Today’s options are capable of accommodating a wide range of optic values while providing floor coverings that will best fit multiple lifestyle requirements. Consider the following when choosing your flooring. Activity Levels The first question to […]

Does Tile Size Matter

Does Tile Size Matter? There are little known secrets to tile size that individuals can use to their advantage. There are a number of techniques that can trick the eye and help rooms appear larger or cozier. However, there are also other factors to consider and a small room doesn’t mean anyone has to limit […]

New Hardwood Floors – Ideas & Inspiration

When shopping for hardwood floors or any flooring for that matter, you always want to spend some time looking at the different flooring styles and ideas. Shopping around will give you a better impression of what you want your rooms to look like when they are complete. There are great places from which you can […]

February celebrations that will floor you!

February celebrations that will floor you! - Our full-service flooring company will help make every day special

Our full-service flooring company will help make every day special There are so many things you need to consider when choosing flooring for your home.  Since February is Dog Training Education Month, we thought this might be a good opportunity to talk about pet-friendly flooring options for all of you who have four-legged friends and […]

Eco-friendly trends in Florida flooring for the New Year

Eco-friendly trends in Florida flooring for the New Year

Did you know that 2018 has been designated as the third International Year of the Reef by the International Coral Reef Initiative?  The International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) is an informal partnership between a group of nations and organizations which strives to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems around the world. This is an issue that […]