Luxury Flooring for Museums and Galleries

Few people notice the flooring on museums and galleries. If they did, they’d realize that the flooring is a work of art in itself. The type of flooring used isn’t just utilitarian, though it does need to be easy to care for and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Many galleries and museums are turning […]

Ways to Reduce Noise in any Room

reducing noise

Noise from outdoors, or even from other apartments, can easily penetrate homes to disrupt entertainment and a restful night’s slumber. What many don’t realize is there are multiple ways to reduce the noise in any home. Even though many of today’s construction materials are designed to minimize noise levels, older homes weren’t designed with those […]

Best Flooring Options for a Modern Look


The term modern can be difficult to define, as it can mean different things to each individual. Designers and interior decorators define modern as a style that uses natural colors and strong lines with an emphasis on simplicity and function. Cool tones are predicted to remain popular for the next decade, but that doesn’t preclude […]

Hire Flooring Experts to Help you Design your Space

large room flooring

Whether you lack innate talent at floor design or you’re just not sure what to do with your surface, consulting with a flooring expert can solve any problem. They’ll help you design a space that’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, reflects your personal style, and won’t break the budget. Scrolling through pages of online catalogs and inventories […]

Should you use the Same Flooring Throughout the House?

One of the biggest questions individuals have when choosing flooring is whether to use the same flooring throughout their entire home or choose different patterns or colors for each room. Using the same flooring in every room of the home creates a look with clean lines. However, there’s no rule that says you can’t use […]