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There are dozens of factors that combine to make your business attractive to customers and clients. One of the most overlooked elements is the flooring in your business space. A company with a floor that appears dirty, damaged, or worn gives the impression of a business that doesn’t care or even one that’s failing. Simply installing a new floor can boost the value and attractiveness of your business space.
The term “stone tile” typically brings to mind marble or granite, but there are dozens of popular stone materials of which many individuals aren’t even aware. The most popular are ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Each can be used in homes or businesses to great effect and some have striking similarities. Leading the pack in the stone tile market are the following.

Home and business owners don’t have to shoulder the cost of marble to obtain the same extravagant look. Porcelain tile is an elegant solution that beautifies, while providing maximum durability that can last for decades. It’s a popular and durable solution for homes, businesses, rental...

It may come as a surprise, but not all floor tile is square, flat white, or uniform in layout. Tile isn’t just a choice available in stone, ceramic or porcelain. Luxury vinyl, laminate, and even hardwood are also available in tile form and the tiles...

Grout is used in a variety of capacities in homes and businesses. The most common place to find it is between floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Grout fills the spaces between the tiles to bond them together and to create a seal that’s...

Because tile flooring is a more classic look, people often get it in their heads that they need to use one size in all their rooms. The truth is that there is a wide variety of tile sizes that are great for all room types....




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