Things to Consider when Selecting new Flooring

Selecting the best flooring option for a home encompasses much more than price point. There’s a wide variety of lifestyle considerations that will impact the type of material selected ranging from cleaning and maintenance to if children and pets are present.

Value and Durability

Everyone wants the best value for their money and some types of flooring offer greater durability and versatility than others. They stand up better to child and pet traffic, along with the potential for spills and stains that accompany entertaining and gatherings of family and friends.


For those with allergies or compromised immune systems, individuals will want flooring that doesn’t hold pet hair, dust and dust mites, bacteria or fungi. There are many options that accommodate health-related issues while offering stylish solutions.

Children and Pets

Parkland Custom Carpet: A Flooring to Meet Your NeedsSpills, stains and scratches are inevitable if children or pets are in the home. The same is true of high-traffic areas. It’s important to choose flooring that resists the common types of potential damage. Even if individuals don’t have children or pets now, they’ll want to select an appropriate flooring material if either addition is in the family’s future.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Some types of flooring require a substantial amount of cleaning, maintenance and care to keep them looking fresh and new. Simply attending to the day-to-day cleaning can be exhausting. Additionally, stone tiles will need to be resealed periodically and hardwood floors will need to be refinished every few years.

Colors and Patterns

Flooring makes a statement within the home and with today’s technology anyone can have a stylish floor that’s also a work of art. Flooring is available in a rainbow of colors, styles and patterns to suit décor any personal preference.

Home Level

Multi-level homes are more popular than ever, but all flooring doesn’t work well on different stories. Upper levels on homes flex more than the ground floor and materials that are less flexible may be damaged over time.

Easy Installation

No one wants to wait for weeks while custom cutting and fitting is performed. Many flooring options can be completely installed within a day or less. Depending on the support structure and subflooring, some types of flooring can be installed directly over the old floor without the need for removal of old materials.

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