Tile Floor Installation – How to Make the Right Choice

Tile Floor Installation – How to Make the Right Choice


Floor tile installation can bring out the best in your home with beautiful, long lasting, and low maintenance floors. From kitchen floor tiles to bathroom tiles, you can get a premium service from the team at Kuhn Flooring.


Learn about the benefits of tiles, the installation process, and get estimates from a trusted local business in Parkland Florida.


Transform Your Home with a Tile Floor


Floor TileDedicated professionals can offer you a VIP experience to create an extraordinary home. Tiles are loved throughout the world for their flexibility. Near-limitless designs allow you to create styles ranging from traditional to contemporary trends.


Your home is your most significant investment, so your floors deserve special attention. New ceramic floor tiles will offer you benefits that are rarely seen with other flooring methods. Whether you seek durability, want a unique look and feel, or if you simply need a cost-effective flooring solution, we can help.


Consider the benefits of tile floors before you look at other options:


  • Tile floor installation is a long-term investment, making it one of the most cost-effective flooring options. Your tiles can last for decades, giving you an excellent return over many years.


  • Tiles make sense if you are concerned about wear and tear in high traffic areas of your home. Entranceways, halls, kitchens, and bathrooms are all ideal for tile flooring. You could keep your home looking beautiful, year after year.


  • If you love to relax and entertain, you’ll love tiles. They’re the best choice when you want to create a consistent indoor/outdoor flow. They will help to bring your key living areas together.


  • Your home can become healthier with the help of tile floor. Allergens, dust, and debris are problematic in carpeted homes. Carpets can become breeding grounds for germs, particularly in living areas. Tiles don’t retain dust and debris and they’re easy to clean.


  • Do you have pets or young children at home? Keeping your floors clean can become an ongoing battle. Tiles make things much easier. They resist stains and can simply be swept, vacuumed, or mopped to keep them looking great.


  • Do you dream of a home that is completely unique? Achieving your own style is a reality with tile floors. Modern technologies allow for complex designs that are sealed edge to edge. Explore your creativity with ceramic tiles and your home will take on a look unlike any other.


Gorgeous porcelain, ceramic, and marble tiles can reveal the true beauty of your home. They can also help to keep your home cool. Low maintenance, long lasting, and suitable for almost any room, you’ll love the results you can get from Kuhn Flooring.


Renovating Your Home with Floor Tile Experts


Floor TileA professional tile floor installation will leave you with the best results. Preparation is critical, which is why it’s so important to take advantage of a complimentary quote and consultation. You can contact us today and we’ll get the process started. Installation cost per square foot varies depending on the existing flooring that needs to be removed, and the specific tiles that you will install.


We offer countless options with different tile combinations to suit your needs.


Kuhn Flooring offers more than just installation with our flooring specialists. We will provide a comprehensive design service to address your unique needs. We’ll suggest tiles based on the trends that appeal to you. From inkjet technology tiles to exquisite marble, there’s something for every home and family. Your dream home can become a reality, and we’ll help you through every step.


Tiles can be installed on concrete subfloors. From flooring removal to cleaning and prep, our team will complete the work with professionalism and respect for your home. Wooden subfloors are also suitable for a tile installation with just a little extra preparation. Tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries can be installed using special waterproof seals to protect against moisture damage.


If you’re not sure about the state of your floors or even your subfloor materials, Kuhn Flooring will offer a complete appraisal and inspection. This means no surprises when it’s time to get the work started.


Expert installation ensures a stress-free experience without any of the anxiety or uncertainty that can come with a DIY job. If you want results that will last for decades or even the lifetime of your home, it’s time to talk to us.


What is the Cost of Tile Floor Installation?


Ceramic tile cost varies from project to project. The specific tiles you choose will be a major factor. The size of your home or any room being tiled will also be a key consideration.


Indoor tiles are typically less expensive per square foot than outdoor tiles. Materials can also vary in price, for example, ceramic is usually more affordable than porcelain, but it depends on the exact design that you are looking for.


The best way to get a tile cost estimate for your home is to talk to the team at Kuhn Flooring. We’ll present options based on your budget. Our service is cost competitive thanks to our extensive supplier relationships. Have confidence knowing that we’ll give you the best quotes for tile floor installation.


Build Your Best Home Today


If you love the home you live in but want to see it improved, new flooring is the perfect place to start. Tiles offer longevity and beauty that few other options can compare with. Low maintenance is also a huge bonus, giving you more time to enjoy relaxing with friends with family.


Tile floor installation is available today from Kuhn Flooring. Talk to us to begin the consultation process and get your free estimate.




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