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Do you need new carpet? At Kuhn Flooring Gallery, our choice of carpet colors, textures, and styles are only limited by your imagination.

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Carpet for Any Space From Kuhn Flooring Gallery

CORAL SPRINGS NEW CARPETDo you need new carpet? At Kuhn Flooring Gallery, our choice of carpet colors, textures, and styles are only limited by your imagination. We believe that style and value aren’t mutually exclusive, which is why we offer affordable, high-quality carpet in a rich palette of color options to fit any purpose, style or budget. We remain dedicated to providing high-quality carpeting at the best prices in Coral Springs. Additionally, we have a variety of new carpet styles that can increase your home’s value while giving it a fresh, updated look. With an impressive selection of carpet and a professional team ready to install it correctly, the perfect carpet is more accessible than ever before.

Getting New Carpet for Your Space

Carpet gives any room texture and warmth. In addition to offering visual appeal, carpeting also provides insulation, helping to reduce utility bills. Our stylish and durable carpet styles provide any home with comfort and elegance while staying within any budget. With a variety of new carpet prices, styles, and patterns, our team will help you choose the best carpet for your home or office at a price you will not believe. From beautifully patterned new carpet for your living room to a new floor of plush carpet in your family room, we have personalized flooring options to help you get inspired today.


Just because two different carpets appear to look and feel the same, does not mean they will perform the same. If you find yourself presented with this predicament, how can you compare these different carpets? First, make sure that they are the same style, made of the same fiber, and are of the same quality. Also, it’s important to compare the manufacturers’ warranties on each carpet closely. If one carpet has a 10-year warranty and the other has a 20-year warranty, you are not looking at the same quality of carpet.

At Kuhn Flooring Gallery, we provide the area’s most exceptional choice of carpet in the manufacturer brands you trust from a wide range of industry leaders. We have a variety of high-quality carpets in different textures, styles, and designs as distinctive as your own personal taste. We will also help you choose carpet padding to increase the life of your new carpet and improve the sound absorption in your home.

Benefits of Carpet in Your Space

There are many benefits to having new carpet. Carpet is easy to clean and enhances any décor. Additionally, carpet offers soundproofing by cutting noise pollution in your home. Plus, carpet adds extra insulation to your room and can make your home safer. Wood floors can be slippery and young children, or elderly adults can benefit from the comfort that a soft landing on carpet offers.

Review a guide to different types of carpet or better yet, ask our carpet flooring professionals to show you some options that fit your needs and make the most of your space. Choose from some of these superior carpet types to discover your ideal floor:

  • Textured carpet
  • Berber carpet
  • Frieze carpet
  • Stain and soil resistant carpet
  • Commercial carpet

Professional Carpet Installation in Coral Springs, FL

NEW CARPET INSTALLATION IN CORAL SPRINGS, FLProfessional carpet installation is essential to the finished look of any room. Ensure that your flooring looks clean and seamless for years to come by choosing new carpet installation from Kuhn Flooring Gallery.

Why is it so important to have carpet professionally installed? Peace of mind and high-quality installation are two main reasons to choose an experienced professional for your carpet installation. Although carpet installation in Coral Springs may seem like a DIY project, correctly installing carpet requires specialized skills. High-quality installation is vital to the performance of your carpet. Poorly installed carpet not only looks bad but will not perform the way the carpet should and will require replacement sooner. Also, did you know that improperly installing your own carpet might even void your warranty? For many homeowners throughout Coral Springs, DIY carpet installation is often more trouble than it is worth.

A reputable carpet installation professional will handle your job quickly and professionally. When you choose our trusted and reputable flooring installation company, you can just sit back and enjoy your new carpet, knowing that your job is in the hands of experienced professionals who will finish it correctly.

As you can see, professional carpet installation is well worth the new carpet installation cost. With our professional carpet installation in Coral Springs, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your carpet was correctly installed. We’re proud to deliver the durable, high-quality flooring and installation services you need.

Do You Need New Carpet? Contact Kuhn Flooring Gallery Today!

If you’re in the market for new flooring, or a carpet change in your home or business you may be wondering where to begin. Our team can help you make your home flooring dreams a reality. Our flooring professionals will ask you a few questions about the areas of your home that need new flooring, whether you have kids or pets, and the exact look that you are trying to achieve. Based on your specific lifestyle needs, our flooring sales experts can suggest the right carpet for the way you live.

For affordable pricing on a wide selection of high-quality carpet, contact Kuhn Flooring Gallery, leaders in custom design for residential flooring in South Florida for over 30 years. With our vast selection of carpet and our professional team to install it correctly, the perfect carpet for your home is only a call away.

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  • There are all awesome peopleThere are all awesome peopleSusan Tretakis

    After having a water pipe break under my house and needing to replace the floor for in my den, I went to Kuhn's on a neighbor's referral. I met with Pelli - who was as patient as one could be dealing with a slightly psychotic woman who, first, had never filed an insurance claim so therefore had no idea that nothing was going to be simple and second, didn't know laminate vs hardwood, ceramic vs porcelain tile, BUT just knew she needed a floor.

  • Houzz ReviewHouzz ReviewHouzz Review

    Professional and quick estimate for insurance claim with knowledgable salesman & Fair pricing. Would recommend visiting showroom location to compare materials pricing, as we have not yet gotten to that point in our project.

  • Review by Ellish BuildersReview by Ellish BuildersEllish Builders

    Steve and Sue are great to work with. We have collaborated on many homes using both their wood and carpet flooring options.