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  • Laminate has recently become one of the most popular choices for flooring in the United States. A variety of styles, exceptional durability, and the incredibly low cost of new laminate floors makes it

  • When it comes to new flooring, one of the things most homeowners look at is the cost. This includes many things, such as the value of the flooring materials, the cost of prepping the existing floor fo

  • Shopping for new flooring can be very difficult due to the sheer volume of options available. However, one of the first decisions you should make is which flooring material will suit your needs best.

  • When you are looking at renovating your home, you want to invest your money into a flooring product that is going to look amazing, last a long time, and exceed all your expectations for wear and durab

  • When you are looking to change the flooring in your home, you will discover that your choice is not as simple as hardwood or carpeting these days. When I was looking for new flooring, there were a few

  • Vinyl flooring is not new, and unfortunately, its past has given it a bad reputation.  However, vast technological improvements and the introduction of luxury vinyl plank mean that you can now have fl

  • When you are looking for a great new floor for your home or business, a good starting point is selecting the best name brand. A brand that stands behind their products and has some of the most competi

  • Remodeling your home can be exciting and can create a refreshing new look. Creating an atmosphere that is relaxing and welcoming for your guests or your family can be enriching. When you are consideri

  • Because tile flooring is a more classic look, people often get it in their heads that they need to use one size in all their rooms. The truth is that there is a wide variety of tile sizes that are gre

  • Hardwood flooring is often regarded as the highest standard when it comes to flooring materials; while consumers often think of vinyl flooring as some of the lowest quality flooring options. Unfortuna

  • If you are considering laminate flooring for your home, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to go over some of the basic dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing lamina

  • Whether you are creating your new dream home or just looking to remodel some of the floors in your Boca Raton home, one of the things most homeowners struggle with is what kind of flooring materials t

  • It may seem like carpeting is a better option for colder climates; however, even in areas like South Florida, which are known for warmer temperatures, there are people who love carpeting in their home

  • If you are thinking of getting new hardwood floors for your home, you’ve come to the right place! One of the easiest ways to give your home a traditional look while still keeping a new feeling is to u

  • When you are looking to refinish or remodel your Deerfield Beach home or business, it is essential to look for customizable flooring types that allow you to achieve the exact look you are trying to ac

  • Every new hardwood floor requires a finish. This coating protects against regular wear and damage that occurs every day. Considering what kind of wear and tear your floors will undergo based on your l

  • Stairs covered with carpeting and hallways with floor runners are becoming more popular again, and Kuhn Flooring has custom carpeting available that will work beautifully on any staircase. Whether you

  • Bamboo has been growing in popularity as a flooring option over the last few years. This exotic wood is not just a beautiful alternative to renovating with standard hardwoods; it has some excellent pr

  • When you are looking for a new floor for your Plantation home, there is no better option than hardwood! With the combination of low maintenance, durability, and longevity, you cannot go wrong. Just in

  • Having hardwood floors in your Parkland home can add exceptional beauty and increase the value of your property. Unfortunately, that’s only true if they survive your pets. With possible accidents, run

  • Getting new carpeting can be exciting and fun. However, any time you have new people in your home or do something you have never done before, it’s nice to know how to plan for the situations. This art

  • Getting new carpets in our home here in Coral Springs was one of the best decisions that we have ever made. It has added so much warmth and beauty to our home, and my family and I love the way that it

  • Having custom carpet installed in your Parkland home can cost a little more money than a standard rug; however, I have never felt as at home as I did after I put in my new carpeting. Maybe it was the

  • Knowing what businesses you can trust can be hard. So many of them are out to take advantage of their customers and make as much money as possible. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is ver

  • When shopping for hardwood floors or any flooring for that matter, you always want to spend some time looking at the different flooring styles and ideas. Shopping around will give you a better impress

  • When looking to get new carpets for your Plantation, it can be hard to know which flooring companies you can trust. Kuhn Flooring has been installing floors in the South Florida area for over 30 years

  • The costs of getting new carpet depend significantly on the type of carpet you choose and the square footage you will need. You can contact several carpet installation contractors near Boca Raton to g

  • When considering getting a new carpet for your Parkland home, you can be overwhelmed with all of the choices and decisions there are to make. Realistically there are just three key questions. You will

  • When looking to get carpet installation in your Coral Springs home, you want the service to have a low price but great results! Finding the combination of reasonable pricing and quality service can be

  • There’s nothing quite like having new flooring in your home. Floors not only set the look and feel of every room, but they also provide a functional purpose, and the best hardwood floor installation w

  • There are few better feelings than the first moment you see your new hardwood floors in your home. Natural timber can bring out the best in your home in a way few other flooring materials can. Elegant

  • Planning a home remodel or renovation can be incredibly exciting. Working with the designers and choosing your flooring materials can give you new insight into what your home can become. While you’ll

  • Without question, hardwood flooring can bring out the best in a home. Unique beauty and a timeless sense of elegance make hardwood flooring the premium choice. But, one thing you might not know, is th

  • Are you ready to start a new flooring project in your home? Choosing and installing new floors can be incredibly exciting, especially when you see the beautiful results. Natural hardwood floors are a

  • When you are thinking of getting flooring in your home, you are often thinking of how it will look and its functional purpose in your house while you live there. You want where you live to be warm, we

  • There is no doubt that carpeting can help bring exceptional warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to your home. Worn out sections and stains can take away from those specific values which make knowing whe

  • Which kind of flooring to use for your home remodel is always a big question. If you have decided to install new carpet, you probably have some questions regarding how much you will need, how to choos

  • You always want to make the best and most informed decisions before you do or try something new and adding new flooring to your home is no different. Adding hardwood floors to your home in Coral Sprin

  • Why Should I Choose Hardwood Floors for My Home in Coral Springs? In a beautiful city like Coral Springs, everyone wants to make sure that they have a beautiful home to match; having hardwood flooring

  • New carpet is an excellent choice for your Coral Springs area home. It is quiet, warm, cushy and cozy. You can get it in so many different colors, designs, and textures. Carpet is versatile and can wo

  • Step up color and comfort in your home with quality carpets and area rugs from our Florida flooring gallery. Whether you are looking for a Boca Raton flooring company that can help you find the right

  • You don’t survive in the highly competitive South Florida flooring market by cutting corners. At Kuhn Flooring Gallery, a flooring company in Palm Beach you can trust, we are very proud of our 30+ yea

  • In South Florida, companies come and go – especially in the building trades. Kuhn Flooring Gallery, on the other hand, is here for the long haul!  We have been providing our unique brand of customer s

  • Who doesn’t like the month of May?  If you’re one of the many South Florida residents who left colder climes behind to settle in the Sunshine State, you probably remember how marvelous it was to see t

  • If you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Parkland or any of the other South Florida communities that Kuhn Flooring Company of Palm Beach County serves, you h

  • Technology is changing the way we live in countless ways. We’re starting to see self-driving cars on the nation’s roadways – and flying cars and cabs aren’t far behind. AI devices like the Echo and Go

  • Kuhn Flooring Company of Palm Beach and Broward Counties has you – and your windows – covered! There’s an old saying – the eyes are the window of the soul. Some people say the line originally comes fr

  • The federal government won’t be celebrating Presidents’ Day on Monday like the rest of us.  For some reason, the federal government still refers to the third Monday in February as a commemoration of G

  • You’re going to love our gallery flooring! If you’re going to go down on one knee to make a grand romantic gesture, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the floors are covered in plush, quality carpets or

  • Our full-service flooring company will help make every day special There are so many things you need to consider when choosing flooring for your home.  Since February is Dog Training Education Month,

  • Thanks in no small measure to the popularity of HGTV’s hit series Fixer Upper, farmhouse style is all the rage. “Comfy, cozy, and full of charm, classic farmhouse style is more popular than ever,” The

  • One of the hottest trends in residential and business flooring solutions is luxury vinyl. And it’s easy to understand why! Luxury vinyl flooring from our Boca Raton flooring company is: Water resistan

  • Did you know that 2018 has been designated as the third International Year of the Reef by the International Coral Reef Initiative?  The International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) is an informal partne

  • Happy New Year from all of us at Kuhn Flooring, your full-service flooring destination, with gallery flooring displays in Coral Springs and Lighthouse Point serving South Florida communities from Pomp

  • The People Speak The good folks at Kuhn Flooring Gallery received a highly complimentary review on the Yelp website that we’d like to share with you as an indication of what to expect from a full-serv

  • It’s a whole new age in today’s workplace as more and more Millennials move into the workforce. According to an article on, “The millennials joining today’s workforce were born between

  • You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression When customers or clients enter your office, store or other place of business, they get an immediate sense of who you are by the way that

  • Give Yourself the Gift of New Flooring The holidays are fast approaching. There’s no better time than right now to treat yourself, your family and your home to new Florida flooring from Kuhn Flooring

  • What’s the Upside of Good Workplace Design? An article on noted recently that more companies are realizing the real impact workplace design has on productivity and a company’s bottom li

  • Wood Flooring Choices It’s been a favorite question for generations:  “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Fortunately, when you’re considering having Kuhn Flooring

  • Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox With all the attention garnered by the recent total solar eclipse on August 21, many people have become more interested in the other types of phenomenon that involve the

  • It’s Party Time! Do you love to entertain? Maybe your birthday is coming up… or your spouse’s. Maybe it’s a special anniversary. And let’s face it, the holidays are just around the corner. Now is the

  • Options for the New Business You’re starting a new business. Congratulations! Once you’ve decided on the space you’re going to occupy, be sure to turn to Kuhn Flooring for your business flooring solut

  • Window Treatment Trends – Part 2 The experts in style and taste at recently offered up an extensive article on window treatment trends. You’ll be able to explore many of these options at Kuhn

  • Floors as Public Art in Broward County Right here in Broward County, you can find several examples of floors as public art installations. Terminal 3 at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airp

  • Window Treatment Trends – Part 1 One of the greatest things about Kuhn Flooring Gallery is that the company also has expertise in window treatments. Come in and talk to them and you’ll find a new pers

  • Floors as Public Art As the professional team at Kuhn Flooring Gallery can tell you, a new floor in your home or office can truly be a work of art. On a larger scale, flooring is the medium used to cr

  • Wood Could be the Answer to Your Questions To ensure that you have good floors in your house, say the experts at, just knock on wood. Nothing rivals the way wood warm ups a room, its

  • Are You Ready for Some Football? It’s September – the absolute best month of the year for football fans. High school teams are back in play. College and university teams are gearing up for their big r

  • Flooring through the Years: Introducing Vinyl! According to an article in the Christian Science Monitor, resilient floors include such pliant floor surfaces as rubber, linoleum, or vinyl. Rubber floor

  • Flooring through the Years: Stone, Tile, Wood and Carpet About 5,000 years ago, Egyptians developed stone construction, according to an article in the Christian Science Monitor. Stone and brick floors

  • Flooring through the Years: Digging in the Dirt The beautiful Florida flooring options that you can find today at Kuhn Flooring have their roots in the simplest of substances: dirt. According to an ar

  • Design Trends for 2017 This year, the Pantone Color of the Year is a refreshing and revitalizing shade called Greenery. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communic

  • August Is Happiness Happens Month “Happiness is elusive because there isn’t an exact recipe for it, no matter how much we want one and how many scientific studies are done to help us understand happin

  • Invest in Your Community – Shop Local! Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally-owned business, rather than a nationally-owned business, significantly more of yo

  • Sustainable Flooring Choices: Bamboo For more than 30 years, Kuhn Flooring Gallery has been providing high quality flooring and exceptional service to customers throughout South Florida. From floor in

  • Sustainable Flooring Choices: Cork The experts at Houzz have a lot of nice things to say about cork flooring, including, “Comfortable, sustainable and easy on the eye, cork has a lot going for it.” In

  • The Right Flooring for Those with Allergies The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America reports that approximately one out of every five people in the United States suffers from asthma or allergies.

  • Home Safety from the Ground Up Background: Falls are a leading cause of unintentional injury among adults age 65 years and older. Loose, unsecured rugs and damaged carpets with curled edges, are recog

  • Commercial Design Trends for 2017 Writing for Work Design Magazine, Brigitte Preston, principal of design and co-owner at lauckgroup, identified the top design trends for commercial space in 2017. At

  • Curtain Rods: Wood or Metal? Interior Decorator Shoshana Gosselin, writing for Houzz, recommends giving your windows top billing with curtain hardware that hits the high notes. “The right decorative r

  • THE ADVANTAGES OF TILE FLOORING Tile flooring is a popular option for homeowners in South Florida. No wonder – there are so many beautiful tiles to choose from. Tile flooring goes well with the Florid

  • DOING THE JOB RIGHT When you need work done in South Florida, it can be hard to find people you can trust to do the job right, people who take pride in their work. We’ve all heard the stories! Well, a

  • WINDOW TREATMENT TRENDS FOR 2017 Windows – and window treatments – are often the focal point of any room. If it’s time to update the look of your home, you’ll want to consider the current design trend

  • COMMERCIAL FLOORING If you’re catering to a sporting crowd at a busy restaurant, an executive group at a large office building or you’re concerned with the safety of employees and patient at your heal

  • FULL SERVICE FLOORING – AND MORE! Kuhn Carpet Tile, one of the oldest and most reputable flooring companies in South Florida, offers a variety of flooring and window treatment options as well as exper

  • WHICH FLOORING IS RIGHT Kuhn Flooring Gallery offers one of the most extensive selections of tile flooring in Florida, including a wide selection of styles in porcelain, ceramic and marble. With more

  • A PRODUCT FOR EVERY PROJECT Kuhn Carpet: Tile, a South Florida carpet company, specializes in fine floor coverings including custom area rugs, wall-to- wall carpeting and a wide variety of hard surfac

  • WINDOW TREATMENTS AND FLOORS Kuhn Carpet: Tile, a Broward flooring company, offers a wide variety of residential and commercial products. Depending on your needs, you may select from a range of beauti

  • Considering a new floor installation in South Florida? Unsure of your options? The first thing you’ll need is a flooring company in South Florida that can deliver reputable and reliable service along

  • Kuhn Carpet: Tile, known for its custom-finished ceramic, porcelain, marble and wood floors in Palm Beach, has been serving South Florida for over 30 years. As a leader in LEED-certified, residential

  • What We Do Kuhn Carpet & Tile was incorporated in the state of Florida in September of 1990 and has been serving south Florida for over 28 years. With a combined experience of over 200 years K

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  • There are all awesome peopleThere are all awesome peopleSusan Tretakis

    After having a water pipe break under my house and needing to replace the floor for in my den, I went to Kuhn's on a neighbor's referral. I met with Pelli - who was as patient as one could be dealing with a slightly psychotic woman who, first, had never filed an insurance claim so therefore had no idea that nothing was going to be simple and second, didn't know laminate vs hardwood, ceramic vs porcelain tile, BUT just knew she needed a floor.

  • Houzz ReviewHouzz ReviewHouzz Review

    Professional and quick estimate for insurance claim with knowledgable salesman & Fair pricing. Would recommend visiting showroom location to compare materials pricing, as we have not yet gotten to that point in our project.

  • Review by Ellish BuildersReview by Ellish BuildersEllish Builders

    Steve and Sue are great to work with. We have collaborated on many homes using both their wood and carpet flooring options.