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Residential FlooringFrom exotic to native species, we offer an extensive, custom crafted, selection of hardwood flooring. Our extensive collection features variable widths in satin and hand scraped fishes, in an array of distinct tones, clarity, and hues. Additionally, our expert installation team assures uncompromising quality as you add the beauty, strength, and character of wood to your home.

Hardwood flooring can help with a few practical things as well as adding extraordinary beauty to your home. Having wood floors can reduce the number of allergens in any home. There are no fibers or filament for dust or particles to get caught in, helping most homes have a more allergy-friendly atmosphere. Wood is one of the more eco-friendly flooring options available in today’s markets. Wood is not only a renewable resource, but many of the production plants that create the planking for floors are very conscientious about wastewater and the use of harsh chemicals. With as few chemicals as possible used on any of the wood, it creates not only a more world-friendly material but a type of flooring that you can trust to be safe for your family. Hardwood flooring is not only durable but also very simple to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and mopping can preserve the lustrous finish of any hardwood floor and keep it looking new for many years. Its loveliness and sturdiness are all part of what makes hardwood an excellent flooring choice. With the addition of wood floors, you add a lasting value to your home.


 Residential Carpet Flooring Highly valued for comfort, quiet, and decorative aesthetics, our carpets are softer and more stain resistant than ever before, with a seemingly limitless number of textures and patterns to choose from. When used in tandem with a hard surface, the addition of a custom area rug can bring a softer surface underfoot and a pop of color and personal style.

Carpeting is an excellent choice as a flooring option in your home due to many sensible features. It can sometimes be a more affordable option when being compared to other flooring types. There is generally a type that will meet most anyone’s budget. Carpets come in many different colors, textures, thicknesses, and designs. This feature makes carpet one of the more versatile floor covering options. The added padding that some carpets provide can increase noise reduction. By installing carpet flooring on upper levels, you can ensure that people in the lower levels of a home are not disturbed by the footsteps above. The same padding that helps keep the house quieter can also provide added comfort for those walking on the floor as well as safety for anyone who might fall. Unlike most hard surfaces, carpet has some give and ability to absorb shock in the event of an accident. People who land on a padded surface are less likely to sustain damage due to the tumble. Carpeting also has the benefits of helping to keep dust down in a home, assists with heating and cooling costs, and has relaxed and hassle-free maintenance requirements.


Residential Hardwood FlooringDurability and ease of maintenance make porcelain and marble our most resilient and beautiful surfaces, complimenting any design style. Choose from a huge array of finishes and styles in natural stone or porcelain featuring the latest in inkjet technology.

Marble and porcelain tiles feature some extraordinary qualities which make having them as a flooring option seems like common sense. Porcelain, marble, and tile are all resistant to the adverse effects of liquid. Additionally, they have stain fighting properties that make spot cleaning a breeze. The life expectancy for this flooring is long, and the maintenance needed to maintain marble, porcelain or tile is effortless. With daily sweeping to keep the floor free of debris and occasional moping to help the floor keep its shine the requirements for keeping this type of floor maintained could not demand less effort. Unlike many other types of flooring, should an area on a floor of this type be damaged, you can replace one section or one tile as needed. One of the most practical reasons to choose marble, porcelain, or tile is that among its other qualities, it is fire resistant. It will not burn or melt as easily as different types of flooring material, and in the event of a fire, having porcelain, marble, or tile flooring can reduce the rate the fire can spread by not allowing it to propagate along the floor’s surface. Tile, marble, and porcelain are great floor covering options because the only thing that can surpass their beauty is there everyday usefulness.


Residential laminate Flooring Featuring the fastest growing technology, our extensive collection of luxury vinyl will bring beautiful style, durability, and comfort to your home at an affordable price point. This multi-use surface offers the true look of wood and is water resistant, durable, pet-friendly, and installs so conveniently!

Luxury vinyl flooring is an option that deserves consideration for in-home floor coverings for multiple reasons. This is one of the current flooring markets hottest sellers. The technology surrounding this vinyl floor type combines some of the best features of each traditional flooring type into one. Luxury vinyl is liquid resistant making spot cleaning and spills easily removable and undetectable after the incident. The maintenance is similar to that of tile or wood. Like most hard surface flooring, you will only need to sweep and occasionally mop luxury vinyl. These floors can be very durable. When you combine that durability, a long lifespan, and affordable pricing, it creates one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions available. The designs and styles that are accessible in luxury vinyl are endless, and the simplicity of installing this type of flooring is rivaled by no other flooring type yet. Due to the ease of installation, the process time from the beginning of installation to completion is amazingly short. Having luxury vinyl floors can help to create comfort in any room. By generating a warm and inviting atmosphere, luxury vinyl will help to make your house feel more like a home.


Laminate FlooringLaminate flooring has come a long way since its first introduction as a floor covering option. With many improvements to the product and its manufacturing processes, laminate is easily one of the more popular flooring choices. It is both durable and versatile and comes in many different designs and colors. With its realistic appearance and its affordable price points, it is an absolute value for any home.

Laminate has many qualities that make it a choice to be examined for several different situations. Its durability allows for everyday use in any home or business. Laminate floors are great for houses with families and pets because it is a floor type that can really stand up to high traffic usage. The manufacturing process uses different methods that allow for the flooring to resist stains, wearing, and fading. Another quality that laminate has is that it easy to clean. With its hard surface feel comes the ease of a hard surface clean without the same cares you might have to take with hardwood. You can just sweep this flooring with a regular broom and use a damp mop as needed. You cannot get much lower maintenance than that. Among its other great features, laminate technology has gotten so advanced that you can rarely tell that the flooring is not real wood. There is such great attention to the texture and knotwork in wood that the flooring not only looks real but feels like real wood as well. With its simple tongue and groove installment, durability, low maintenance, affordability, and the ability to maintain the look of authentic wood, it is not hard to see why this flooring would make a great option for your home today.

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