Laminate Floor Installation in Florida

What to Look for When Buying Laminate Flooring in South Florida 


What to Look for When Buying Laminate Flooring in South FloridaThere are two main types of laminate flooring. Each variety has its merits and its flaws. The best way to know which is right for you and your home or business here in South Florida is to examine all of its qualities. Additionally, you will need to assess a few different things before deciding between laminate flooring types. Keep reading to learn more.


The Two Types of Laminate Flooring 


The two standard varieties of laminate flooring are natural wood composite, otherwise known as engineered wood and plastic laminate. Both types of flooring are generally snap together tongue and groove.


Engineered Wood 


Engineered wood is made by layering many different thin slices of natural wood on each other. An adhesive holds the layers together and makes the material more durable. The wood composite has the look and feel of natural hardwood and allows those who prefer a more traditional look to have actual wood flooring at a fraction of the cost. A considerable benefit of installing engineered wood is that it can be resurfaced and carefully sanded up to three times adding many years to the life of the flooring.


Plastic Laminate 


Plastic laminates are typically made of entirely artificial products. There is often a layer of melamine, and a resin filled fiberboard core with printed graphics that look like wood grain. These layers are coated with a protective layer of hard clear plastic. Generally, people choose plastic laminate so that they can have the look of wood flooring in a room that typically gets wet or has excessive amounts of traffic. The top clear coat is practically bulletproof, making this type of laminate flooring extremely durable. This kind of floor covering is great for rental properties, homes with pets or children, and in areas where our excessive South Florida sand creeps in. High quality plastic laminate flooring can rarely be distinguished from natural hardwood flooring.


It is important to note that when selling your home, some prospective buyers place a higher value on natural wood flooring. Therefore, if you think you may sell your home in a relatively short period of time, you may want to consider engineered wood laminate flooring instead of the more durable plastic.


What Rooms Do You Want to Resurface? 


Laminate flooring installation FloridaDeciding which places you want to add new flooring is essential in determining what type of laminate flooring you want to get. If you are looking at adding a new surface to a commonly used entry or hallway, you may want to consider plastic laminate flooring for its more durable surface. If you are going to remodel your family room, the warmth and classic feel of natural wood composite laminate flooring may be a better choice.


Your decision should be a mixture of logical thought that considers the wear and tear of the material you are using combined with aesthetic based thought that takes the feel and design you want it to convey into account. While you do want areas of your home to look a certain way, you definitely do not want to pay to maintain that appearance perpetually. Choosing flooring that meets the needs of the rooms purpose as well as your design idea is essential.


The Location of Your Home is Important Too 


Considering the location of your home is key to being content with your flooring as well. You should consider the items that can be tracked into your home and how they will affect your flooring. For example, if you have natural wood flooring, and your home is on the beach, excessive amounts of sand can scratch and damage the flooring. For this same example, you may find it best to have a muted or light-colored flooring regardless of its material components, so that when sand is brought into your house, it will be less noticeable between cleanings. Similarly, if there is typically dark soil or excess grass clippings in your area, you may want a darker natural color for your flooring. If you find that it rains a lot in your area, you may want to select plastic laminate for your entryways so as not to expose the natural wood to excessive moisture.




One of the great things about laminate is that regardless of the type, be it wood composite or plastic laminate; it is highly customizable. With multitudes of colored plastics or varieties of wood stains available, you can select laminate flooring to match any color scheme in your home. Though standard wood or natural colors are more widely available, you can order specialty colors and styles that will add a unique spin or perspective to your home. Be sure to browse pictures online of the different varieties on the market today. Even if a bright color is not what you are looking for in your home, seeing how other people have made it work in their space can be inspirational to what you do and do not want for your own home or workplace.


Kuhn Flooring and Your New Laminate Floors


Kuhn Flooring and Your New Laminate Floors

Kuhn Flooring is the best laminate flooring installation company in South Florida. We offer some of the most experienced specialists in the flooring industry, with a team comprised of design experts and installation professionals. Additionally, every member of our flooring crew has been specially trained in customer service to help meet all of your expectations and needs.


Our design specialists are here to help you sift through the flooring options available to you, and will happily discuss which types of flooring would be best for the spaces that you want to resurface as well as which varieties of flooring might help you achieve the finished look and feel that you picture. Once you have worked out a plan, we will get you set up with an installation team to execute your ideas. With the help of our qualified and knowledgeable crew, you can get your flooring project started today.





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