5 Questions to Ask Your Flooring Company

Replacing your flooring can be exciting, but it can also be a confusing process with so many potential installers and flooring options from which to choose. Before signing a contract with any flooring company, there are some basic questions you’ll want to ask to protect yourself.


It’s critically important that your floor installer is insured in case anything goes awry or there’s a problem with the job. If the installer isn’t insured, you’ll have little to no recourse for damages or malfunctions, other than litigation which can be expensive and take time. Meanwhile, you’ll be out any money you spent and hiring a second contractor can involve extra expense to right what went wrong.


A professional flooring installer should offer a warranty on the flooring and workmanship. A one-year warranty is standard within the industry. Some installers offer extended warranties. Ascertain if there are any exclusions or limitations on the warranty.


Don’t be reticent about asking for references. It gives you an opportunity to talk with customers that have actually worked with the company. Don’t forget to check social media and rating sites to view how the company has interacted with other customers.

Completion Time

Since your home routine will be interrupted, and possibly your work schedule, you absolutely need to know how long it will take for the workman to complete the job. That includes the start date and the time to lay the flooring, along with cleanup and hauling away of old flooring.

Payment Structure

It’s common for floor installers to request a deposit before they begin. The amount can vary, but is often half the total cost, with the remainder due when the project is completed. A few installers are willing to work out a monthly payment schedule. It’s definitely a red flag if the installer asks for the entire amount up front or requests that payments be made to an individual rather than the company.

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