Flooring Installation and Services in Coral Springs

Flooring Installation and Services in Coral Springs

Kuhn Flooring has the answers for all your flooring installation and service needs in Coral Springs.


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Coral Springs Floor Services & Installations


If you have a beautiful home in Coral Springs, is there really any doubt that it deserves hardwood flooring? You can pair hardwood with almost any theme, harnessing the absolute beauty that never really diminishes in value or goes out of style. Hardwood adds an elegant look to your home while also adding value. For allergy sufferers, hardwood floors can be the best allergy-friendly flooring choices, as they do not hold allergens like dirt, dust, pollen, and mites the same way carpet does. Finally, when the wood becomes worn out or dull, you can sand and refinish it to add more life.


Carpet Coral Springs Carpet is a favorite flooring type for any house, bringing a smooth, even looking surface to your space. This is a more traditional, formal look for the home, and it does an excellent job of bringing out the tones and colors in the surrounding room. Carpet is a great alternative to hardwood or marble if you want to give your space a softer look and feel.


For homes with pets or children, porcelain, marble, or tile flooring is going to be one of the best options. To start, it is exceptionally durable and can last for many years more than other flooring solutions on the market. Additionally, it is far easier to maintain than carpet as you simply need a mop to ensure it is clean and disinfected. Like hardwood, porcelain tile rejects allergens including pollen, mites, dust, and dirt, making it perfect for homes with small children, the elderly, or other individuals that could be sensitive to such things.


Kuhn Floor Services & InstallationsIf you are on a budget and cannot afford more expensive options like hardwood or marble, you should absolutely consider sheet vinyl flooring. The benefit of vinyl flooring is that it gives you the wood or tile appearance you are looking for but doesn’t take a huge bite out of your budget. Unlike some other low-priced options, sheet vinyl flooring is tear resistant meaning it will not easily rip or gouge making it a material that will last for many years. Like other smooth surfaces, you can expect it to be resistant to mildew and moisture.


So, you want a hardwood floor, but it’s just not within your budget. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and there is certainly a good solution. Laminate flooring is a budget-friendly alternative that looks and feels the same. Like finished hardwood it is scratch resistant, doesn’t fade, and is very difficult to stain. Laminate is made from pressed particle boards and is extremely easy to install. Visit our team of professionals and color design representatives at Kuhn Flooring for a personal consultation.

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  • There are all awesome peopleThere are all awesome peopleSusan Tretakis

    After having a water pipe break under my house and needing to replace the floor for in my den, I went to Kuhn's on a neighbor's referral. I met with Pelli - who was as patient as one could be dealing with a slightly psychotic woman who, first, had never filed an insurance claim so therefore had no idea that nothing was going to be simple and second, didn't know laminate vs hardwood, ceramic vs porcelain tile, BUT just knew she needed a floor.

  • Houzz ReviewHouzz ReviewHouzz Review

    Professional and quick estimate for insurance claim with knowledgable salesman & Fair pricing. Would recommend visiting showroom location to compare materials pricing, as we have not yet gotten to that point in our project.

  • Review by Ellish BuildersReview by Ellish BuildersEllish Builders

    Steve and Sue are great to work with. We have collaborated on many homes using both their wood and carpet flooring options.