A Buying Guide for Laminate Flooring


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A Buying Guide for Laminate Flooring

Laminate has recently become one of the most popular choices for flooring in the United States. A variety of styles, exceptional durability, and the incredibly low cost of new laminate floors makes it easy to see why it might be right for your home too. Even when you are sure, laminate flooring is the perfect fit for you; choosing the brand, style, and type of laminate for your home is still a huge decision. Check out this article for helpful tips to remember when buying new flooring.

Knowing What Questions to Ask

A Buying Guide for Laminate FlooringDeciding on laminate was a huge first step, now you are shopping for the perfect style and brand. Knowing what questions to ask and the best options to look for is a great starting place. Click here to learn more about laminate flooring and keep reading for a few questions to ask and tips to remember when you are shopping:

  • Will I need underlayment with laminate flooring?
    • Most laminate flooring needs some kind of underlayment or padding put down; however, some varieties offer a pre adhered underlayment.
  • What is the laminate flooring wear rating?
    • A 3rd party determines each flooring’s wear or AC (abrasion class) ratings. There are five classes, which include:
      • AC1: Residential grade with moderate use. You typically find this flooring in bedrooms or closets.
      • AC2: Residential rating with general use. This flooring is often installed in living rooms or dining areas.
      • AC3: Residential rating with heave use or Commercial rating with moderate use. You can use this laminate flooring in any high traffic residential or medium use commercial area such as hallways or waiting areas.
      • AC4: Commercial rating with moderate use. This flooring is suitable for retail stores or cafes.
      • AC5: Commercial grade with heavy use. You commonly see this level of flooring in department stores.
    • You should always ensure that you are getting an AC class that meets your level of use.
  • How does new laminate flooring age?
    • Knowing if the flooring will fade or change as hardwood does with age or like vinyl does with UV light is essential. The answer to this question depends on the quality of the laminate, so asking a manufacturer to tell you this determines the quality level of the flooring you are interested in.
  • Where, in my home, should I install laminate flooring?
    • The list of rooms where laminate is a perfectly acceptable flooring is long. It is much easier to list places you should not put it instead:
      • Kitchens
      • Bathrooms
      • Laundry rooms
    • We do not recommend laminate flooring for these rooms because of the high probability of standing water or spills. Laminate flooring does not handle prolonged exposer to water or moisture well.
  • Is laminate flooring low maintenance?
    • There are a few things that you can do to keep your new laminate floors clean and looking great for years to come.
      • Sweep, dust mop, or vacuum
      • Use a damp cloth mop method
      • Clean up spills or pet accidents as soon as possible
      • Do not use abrasive cleaners
      • Do not use scouring padslaminate flooring installation
      • Do not wax or use polishes
      • Do not use any steam cleaners
    • What kind of locking type is this laminate flooring?
      • There are a few different methods for new laminate flooring installation, including:
        • Glue-less Click
        • Pre-attached underlay
        • Adhesive required
        • Pre-glued
      • What kind of surface does this flooring have?
        • Laminate flooring comes in many different finishes. Here is a list of a few of the varieties available:
          • Smooth
          • Textured
          • Hand distressed
          • Gloss laminate floors
        • What style of laminate do you want?
          • Not all laminate looks like wood; some options appear to be natural stone or tile as well.
        • Where should I buy laminate flooring?
          • You should look for a retailer that offers a wide selection of laminate flooring as well as other flooring types. Additionally, you want to ensure that they not only sell the flooring materials but that they are also a laminate flooring installation company.Kuhn Flooring and Your New Laminate Floors

Kuhn Flooring and Your New Laminate Floors

Kuhn Flooring is one of the leading flooring installation companies in the area. We offer some of the most competitive new laminate floor prices. Our skilled design team works closely with you to discuss and answer all the above questions to ensure you get new laminate floors that are the right AC level for your needs and in the styles that look exactly how you imagine. We can help make your house look like the home you have always wanted.

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