Laminate flooring installation Coral Springs

Laminate flooring installation Coral Springs

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to beautify your home with laminate flooring? Look no further than laminate flooring installation! No matter your budget or style, Kuhn Flooring Gallery offers flooring solutions for every household.

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New Laminate Flooring: Coral Springs

New Laminate Flooring: Coral Springs Kuhn Flooring offers a variety of new beautiful laminate flooring

When most people think of laminate flooring, they have visions of cheaply made, easily destroyed plastic flooring. They remember a product used in a lot of substandard living facilities; however, the laminate that is on today’s flooring market is vastly different.

Improvements to manufacturing processes lead to better development of laminate flooring, and its newer, more realistic look, durability, versatility, and affordable pricing are quickly making laminate flooring one of the most popular flooring choices around.

Here are a few reasons new laminate flooring in your Coral Springs home is the best flooring solution for you.

Flooring That Is Great for Your Pets and Your Family

Laminate flooring is so durable it is an excellent flooring option even if you have pets, children, or high traffic areas.

The Issues

Having pets often means extra scratches, scuffing and denting from nails, as well as excess pet hair and the possibility of accidents. Having children can also result in scratches, scuffing, and dents from toys and play, as well as crunched food and drink spills.

Both pets and children can easily make new hardwood flooring or carpeting look used and worn in a matter of days. However, with the strength provided to you by laminate, your days of worrying about your floor being able to stand the test of time are over.

“If you are looking for a high-quality product, that will look authentic and last the test of time; laminate flooring is likely the best option for you and your home.”

Manufacturing Durability During the manufacturing process of laminate flooring, both heat and pressure are used to fuse the layers of laminate together. This procedure enhances the stability and strength of the laminate allowing for a realistic appearance.

The very top layer of the laminate flooring helps to protect the product from getting stained, fading in the light, and general wear. Additionally, the newer, tongue-and-groove locking system allows each piece of laminate to combine in a way that helps the durability of your flooring.

Laminate floor installation in your Coral Springs house will help your home be more pet and family friendly.

Laminate Flooring and Versatility

One of the best things about laminate flooring is its versatility. In fact, you can install it in almost every room in your house.

Laminate Flooring and Versatility 

Laminate floors work in almost any room in your home

When looking at new laminate flooring contractors in Florida, you will find they are always talking about high traffic rooms or areas.

This is because though you don’t often think about how much wear and tear just walking on your floors can cause; the constant use can create scuffs, dips in floor padding, and unsightly marks that make it very obvious that individual rooms and areas have flooring that is used more often.

Some of these areas are entryways, family rooms, or hallways. Unlike many other flooring options, you will find that new laminate flooring holds up to more than frequent use.

Another reason flooring contractors want to know what room you will be placing your flooring in is to evaluate the chances of spills or overexposure to moisture.

Unlike carpeting or some hardwoods, laminate flooring is an option in your utility room or kitchen because it is great with stain resistance and easily cleaned if food is spilled.

You only need a broom and some spot cleaning to keep it looking its best.

The only area not recommended for laminate flooring use is the bathroom. Constant exposure to moisture and humidity can cause some laminate flooring to separate or show water damage.

Completely Affordable

If you are looking for a high-quality product, that will look authentic and last the test of time; laminate flooring is likely the best option for you and your home.

Unlike tile or hardwood options, laminate flooring can cost you sometimes less than half the price of traditional hardwood, and it is often cheaper to install. Additionally, the installation process is easier and faster, making the costs of installation more affordable, which makes the whole product a better value.

You can get realistic looking flooring, that lasts longer than hardwood, without the high dollar price tag, what is not to love about that?

“When looking for the best laminate flooring installation company in Coral Springs, Kuhn Flooring is the best in the business and the area.”


Maintenance and Cleanliness

Another great reason to choose laminate flooring in your home is that it is much easier to clean than traditional hardwood or carpeting. You get all the beauty and classic lines of natural wood with none of the mess. You can easily remove dust and dirt with a broom or dry mop.

With a vacuum set to flat surfaces, you can nearly always eliminate spills, and if there is an accident that causes a sticky mess, you should be able to remove that issue with a damp mop. With this kind of ease of cleaning, it makes you wonder why you would even consider choosing a different flooring type.

The Look and Feel

Laminate and Kuhn Flooring

With its durability, flexibility, authenticity, and beauty, laminate flooring is the perfect option for your home

Traditionally, when we consider laminate, most people think of how it used to look. You could tell the flooring was artificial, and it didn’t seem very classy or worthwhile.

However, today’s laminate has realistic graining, coloring, and advanced tongue and groove locking mechanisms that easily hold each piece together. The laminate planks not only look like hardwood, but most luxury lines stamp each plank with texture so that the grain feels like real wood too.

This makes hardwood floors almost a thing of the past and laminate flooring the right option for every home.

Laminate Flooring and You

After reviewing these facts, it is no surprise that laminate flooring is growing in popularity throughout the Coral Springs area. With its durability, it can hold up to all the sand and sun that this climate can throw at it.

Its affordability and easy maintenance make it seem like a flooring dream. Today’s laminate flooring options have all the beauty and aesthetic value that authentic hardwood brings into your home without the costs or added work.

A Review of Why New Laminate Floors Would be Great in Your Home

After reviewing the above reasons that laminate flooring is one of the best flooring options on the market, I am sure you are able to see why it is perfect for your home. Here is a quick reference list of the above motivations for putting new laminate floors in any room in your house.

  • It is pet friendly
  • Laminate floors are durable
  • It is versatile
  • Laminate is an affordable floor covering
  • It is low maintenance
  • New Laminate flooring is beautiful
  • It looks authentic

Laminate and Kuhn Flooring

When looking for the best laminate flooring installation company in Coral Springs, Kuhn Flooring is the best in the business and the Florida area. Contact a member of our team to go over the laminate options that we have available. From colors, textures, and installation methods.

We will make sure you are getting exactly what you want and achieving the finished look that you are planning for your home.

Here at Kuhn Flooring, we have some of the greatest flooring experts. We have a team who is dedicated to making sure you have the best customer experience possible. We know and understand that remodeling your home can be stressful and a costly investment.

We know that these choices and decisions are not made lightly. Let our group of specialists help you. We have a specific process that has been tested by time.

Our design teams can work with you to select the perfect look for your home. The sales team can work with you to find a flooring that is in your budget. Our flooring installation team can get you a time estimate and get your flooring project underway as soon as possible.

Contact us today so that we can work with you step by step. Let us help you get the beauty of hardwood at the price of laminate flooring!

“Here at Kuhn Flooring, we have some of the greatest flooring experts. We have a team who is dedicated to making sure you have the best customer experience possible.”

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