Dark vs. Light Color Flooring

For many years, people have denied themselves the benefit of light-colored flooring in favor of darker colors in the belief that dark colors tend to show dirt and wear less than their lighter-colored counterparts. There are an equal number of individuals that believe the opposite is true.

The choice of flooring colors will depend on personal preferences and the effect that individuals are trying to create for each room. From hardwood flooring to porcelain tile and luxury vinyl, today’s flooring comes in a myriad of colors no matter what material individuals choose.

Dark Floors

Dark-colored flooring is typically viewed as elegant and stylish. Dark floors can make a dramatic statement, but shiny dark colors can also create glare from light sources. Dark colors absorb light and make rooms look darker, but can have the opposite effect when combined with lighter colored walls.

Many people that have chosen dark flooring – and have pets and/or children – lament the color’s ability to highlight every crumb, scratch and speck of dust. Conversely, darker colored dirt and debris won’t be as obvious on dark-colored flooring and that’s a distinct advantage for busy individuals that may not have time to clean every day. Homes with dark-colored flooring typically sell for more than those that feature lighter shades.

Light Floors

enginnered-hardwood-flooring6Lighter hued flooring tends to reflect light, making a room appear brighter, which is a real advantage for those that prefer furnishings in darker shades. Lighter colored flooring choices also enable people to take better advantage of natural, outdoor light sources and it typically requires less artificial illumination to light a room with lighter colored flooring.

A lighter shade of flooring can make a room appear and feel significantly larger, making it popular for townhouses, apartments, and smaller rooms. The downside is that lighter colors can make a room look faded and washed out if furnishings and walls are also lighter. A benefit of lighter colored flooring is that it serves as a type of camouflage that will hide scratches, light-colored pet hair, and the wear and tear of busy, active families.

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