How to Choose a Flooring Company

People can do practically anything online, but purchasing flooring shouldn’t be one of them. It’s a good idea – and convenient – to look at flooring websites to see what’s available. However, a personal visit is essential so the flooring can be seen and touched. Besides which, while talking to salespeople, individuals often discover that there are unadvertised deals and options of which they weren’t aware.

Due Diligence

While most people wouldn’t think of scammers in connection with flooring, the unscrupulous know that people want a quick and easy online solution for shopping. Before contacting a flooring company, ensure they have a valid physical address and the stated phone number is accurate.

Reviews and Referrals

Bear in mind that even though a company has great reviews, it’s easy to fake them and there’s a booming business in the creation of fake reviews. It’s always best to talk to family and friends to find out which company they would recommend and with which they’ve had a good experience. There are no professional standards for flooring installers, making it imperative that people consult with family and friends they can trust.

Request a Quote

Once a flooring selection has been decided upon, always request a quote. Individuals should receive an itemized quote in writing showing exactly how much the flooring will cost, what the installation charge will be, and the cost of taking up the old flooring if applicable and disposing of it. Most flooring companies will offer financing. Others will ask for half down before ordering the flooring and the other half when the job is completed.


Before putting any money toward the cost of flooring, wait until the company has sent someone to physically measure the area where the new flooring will be installed. Even if individuals measure the area themselves, the presence of cutouts, wraparounds, and any odd corners or angles will affect the final cost.

Once those measurements have arrived back at the company, get a revised quote. People often discover that the dollar amount has changed due to any number of factors. It’s then up to the individual if they accept the cost or look for a different installer.

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