Laminate Flooring – Looks Like Real Hardwood Flooring

Anyone can have the luxury look of high-end hardwood flooring without the expense. Advances
in modern technology has resulted in laminate flooring that has the appearance of authentic
hardwood flooring. Laminate provides the aesthetic value of hardwood and adds value to
homes, without the cost and tedious maintenance concerns.
Laminate is available in planks and tiles, both of which can emulate the look of virtually any
type of wood desired. The flooring can also mimic the appearance of natural stone. There’s no
end to the ways that it can be used in the home or even businesses. Laminate is equally
applicable for multiple décor requirements.
Hardwood flooring is high-maintenance and requires a meticulous routine. Individuals are
constantly concerned about moisture, scratches and dents. Those problems are all eliminated
with laminate flooring. It’s easy to maintain and is resistant to moisture, stains and scratches.
It’s a good option for households with children and it’s one of the most often sought flooring by
people with pets.
Laminate can be used in every room, from bathrooms and laundry rooms to kitchens where
spills are most likely to occur. It withstands high foot traffic with ease, while maintaining its
aesthetic appearance. The flooring is available in multiple colors that imitates hardwoods
ranging from hickory and walnut to oak and maple. Individuals can also revel in laminate with
the appearance of exotic woods such as Brazilian cherry. African tiger wood, Australian cypress,
teak and mahogany, and the unique pinkish brown shades of kempas from Indonesia and
Laminate flooring is a highly durable, versatile and affordable alternative to expensive
hardwood floors. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of laminate flooring is that if a tile or
plank becomes damaged, it can easily be replaced without disturbing the rest of the flooring.
That’s a task that can’t be accomplished with traditional hardwood flooring.


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