Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: What Is It, and Why Is It Right for You?


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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: What Is It, and Why Is It Right for You?

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: What Is It, and Why Is It Right for You?

When you are looking at renovating your home, you want to invest your money into a flooring product that is going to look amazing, last a long time, and exceed all your expectations for wear and durability. Knowing what flooring is right for each room is a great place to start. Luxury vinyl plank (also known as LVP) meets every requirement for any room and surpasses other flooring options in multiple ways. This article will discuss what LVP is, some of its good qualities, some of its not so good features, and why it is perfect for your home.

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

LVP is a flooring option that tends to be more affordable, is waterproof, and comes in many different appearances. As a flooring choice, it offers a natural feeling underfoot as well as textures that can make the flooring feel and look just like the natural materials that it is imitating. This flooring consists of a mixture of synthetic materials,  including polyvinyl chloride (otherwise known as PVC), pigment for coloring, calcium carbonate, a few different plasticizers, and other stabilizers. These are mixed and poured into the layers that make up the planks.

Luxury vinyl plank is very durable. It typically comes in a wood finished look or a natural stone appearance. Both hardwood and natural stone flooring can be quite expensive and difficult to install. LVP is a more cost-effective selection due to its lower price point. Additionally, it is a more straightforward option for installation due to its typical peel and stick, or tongue and groove snap into place installation process. Once installed, this flooring option is beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank

One of the most compelling qualities vinyl plank flooring has to offer as an option for any commercial property or homeowner is its complete water resistance. A surface spill will not damage the flooring. This feature makes LVP ideal for any room in your home, for families with kids and pets, as well as large commercial jobs. Here are a few other excellent pros of luxury vinyl plank:Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank

  • Wear layer
    • The topcoat on this type of flooring has a nearly impenetrable layer that helps it be more durable and longer-lasting.
  • Can be installed on any subfloor
    • You can have new luxury vinyl plank flooring installed on top of multiple kinds of subflooring, including cement, granite, laminate, tile, and other flat styles.
  • Variety of appearances
    • Can look like cement, wood, or natural stone.
  • Low maintenance
    • This flooring needs little to no repairs and is cleanable with a dust mop or regular sweeping.
  • Affordability
    • There are different levels of LVP flooring available. This means there is likely a luxury vinyl plank option in the range of any budget

With these great qualities, it is hard to see why anyone would choose a flooring option other than LVP for their space or home.

Downfalls of Luxury Vinyl Plank

Just like everything, if there are good qualities, there are always a few bad. Here is a list of some of the worst parts of having luxury vinyl plank floors:

  • Difficult to remove in the future
    • If you choose the LVP that glues down, it can be tough to remove when you decide to update your flooring.
  • Punctureability
    • Though luxury vinyl plank has a commercial wear layer on it, you can puncture it with very sharp objects or extremely heavy pressure.
  • Downfalls of Luxury Vinyl PlankCan show fading from sunlight or excessive UV exposure
    • Areas, where LVP is subject to constant direct sunlight, can fade or discolor over long periods of time.

Luckily, the cons of luxury vinyl plank are few and far between making it one of the best flooring options available.

Why LVP Flooring is the Right Option for You

We know there are so many different flooring options available in today’s market. We also know that it can be very challenging to select the right flooring for every room in your home that is perfect for you and your needs. Our specialized design team at Kuhn Flooring is here to help you decide what will not only look best but work best in your space. We offer a large variety of flooring options and can help you compare all the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

With our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced luxury vinyl plank installation team, we make the whole new flooring process a breeze. Contact us, Kuhn Flooring, today to discuss your flooring project. Let us help you invest your money into flooring that will be as beautiful as the day you have it installed for years to come.

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