Luxury Vinyl vs. Carpet: A Quick Comparison

A surprisingly intense rivalry has erupted over the choice of luxury vinyl vs. carpeting. Both flooring options have benefits and disadvantages. The ultimate decision will depend on a family’s lifestyle. However, the following is a quick comparison for anyone on the fence about vinyl vs. carpet.

Luxury Vinyl

Available in tiles or planks, luxury vinyl offers versatility. It’s waterproof, making it an excellent solution for areas that experience spills and moisture such as entryways, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. It’s child and pet friendly and resistant to scratching and denting.

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. Simply use a broom or dust mop to remove dirt before going over it with a damp mop using a no-wax cleaner. Luxury vinyl is pet-friendly and resistant to stains. The flooring doesn’t hold allergens, making it a good solution for individuals that have allergies, asthma and other respiratory difficulties.

The disadvantage to vinyl is that it’s cold on the feet. Individuals with pets will want to invest in a pet bed or area rug for pets to curl up on – the chill factor can be uncomfortable for them. Luxury vinyl can also be prone to fading when placed in rooms that receive a lot of sun. Even though it’s resistant to damage, it can be ripped, torn or punctured when exposed to sharp objects or heavy furnishings are dragged across it.


Best Carpet Installers in Boca RatonModern carpeting is available in solids, patterns, and multiple lengths. It’s soft and warm on the feet and extremely comfortable. It’s especially desirable in bedrooms, family rooms, and children’s playrooms.

Carpeting isn’t waterproof and depending upon lifestyle and foot traffic, it may need vacuuming from two or three times a week to every day. A disadvantage to the flooring is that it tends to trap allergens that can aggravate respiratory conditions. Carpeting can be ripped or torn and the fibers of Berber carpeting can snag pet claws and cause an injury.

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