Mohawk Flooring: A Trusted Name in the Flooring Industry

When you are looking for a great new floor for your home or business, a good starting point is selecting the best name brand. A brand that stands behind their products and has some of the most competitive pricing in the flooring industry is Mohawk Flooring. With their wide variety of quality flooring materials and incredible business integrity, they are the right choice for most flooring projects. In this article, we will discuss Mohawk Flooring, their business style, flooring varieties, and the importance of finding the best flooring installation company available in your area.

Mohawk Flooring: A Leader in Ecology

As a standout in the flooring industry, Mohawk leads with their business practices. They are careful to use the most ecological processes. By using renewable resources and the most efficient production processes to create sustainable flooring options, Mohawk sets an example for other flooring companies to strive to follow. In this way, they are making an even more significant impact on the environment of our planet than they could ever make as a business on its own.Mohawk Flooring: A Leader in Ecology

Mohawk Flooring: A Better Brand

With nearly 150 years in the industry, Mohawk has perfected its business process. They have used their time in the flooring market to build quality into their products and their services. They try to stay at the leading edge of all the newest and best in flooring technology, and they have amazing designs that are 100% assembled right here in the United States. It is because of these qualities that you will find Mohawk at the forefront of all the national flooring brands available.

The Flooring Types Made by Mohawk

Mohawk has a variety of flooring materials that customers can select. All the products they offer are of the highest quality offering durability, function, and unique design. Here is a list of some of the varieties of flooring offered with the Mohawk brand name.

  • Mohawk Carpet
    • Carpeting has been one of the products that Mohawk has carried the longest. This means that they have had the most time to build excellent quality in their carpets and ensure that all the materials used to create any of their carpeting are the very best. Their carpeting selections vary by color, style, pile, and design.
  • Mohawk Rugs
    • Rug making goes hand in hand with carpets, and the excellent quality that Mohawk brings to carpets; is also conveyed into their selection of rugs. Similar to their carpeting selection, their rugs have a variety of options that help to meet the needs of every customer. Be sure to look for the different colors, styles, and piles available in each of the various sizes and shapes of Mohawk rugs. From mats and runners to area rugs large enough to cover entire rooms, there is a rug that will work for everyone.
  • Mohawk Tile
    • With the quality that Mohawk brings to all its products, it should come as no shock that this brand’s tile comes with a variety of beautiful and functional options that would work well in any home.
  • Mohawk Wood
    • From classic hardwood to engineered flooring, Mohawk has beautiful wood flooring that can bring elegance to every home.
  • Mohawk Vinyl
    • Though vinyl had a rocky start, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options around. Like many of their other flooring options, Mohawk’s vinyl combines luxury flooring with quality products. With a variety of looks, styles, and textures, they will have a selection that will meet all of your needs.

The Right Contractor for the Job

Finding a Mohawk dealer is the easy part! Any flooring company worth their weight is going to carry a big name like theirs. The true test of the seller is if they also offer installation services as well. Here in Florida, you have the benefit of combining one of the best name brands like Mohawk with the best flooring installation company, Kuhn Flooring.

The Right Contractor for the Job

At Kuhn Flooring, we offer flooring services for carpet, tile, wood, vinyl, laminate, rugs, and more. Our team will help you through the entire flooring process, starting with a general consultation to talk with you about which rooms you are looking to work on and what kind of ideas you might already have. Next, we set you up with our exceptional design team and have you work out what you want your floor to look like in combination with the wear and tear those areas will be taking. Additionally, we discuss prices with you as well to make sure you get the look and function for a price that you feel is fair. Once this process is complete, we give you a timetable estimate and start your project.

With Kuhn Flooring’s amazing services combined with quality products made by Mohawk, how can you go wrong? Go ahead and give our friendly and professional team a call today and find out what we can do for you and your floors!