Pros and Cons of Textured vs. Smooth Flooring

There are literally dozens of possibilities when choosing new flooring. Perhaps one of the biggest decisions to make isn’t the color or pattern, but whether to choose flooring with a smooth or textured finish.

Dents and Damage

Smooth flooring finishes are one of the most popular, but it will also show dents, dings, scuffs and scratches easier than textured flooring. It’s easy to clean and a good solution for areas that have low amounts of foot traffic and where people don’t congregate to sit or dine.

The manufacturing process utilized in the creation of textured floors means damage that does occur is less likely to be as noticeable. Damage tends to blend in with the finish.

Dirt and Cleaning

Smooth floors are easy to clean with a premade solution and are easily wiped clean. Premade wax formulas are also available that can help maintain the shine of smooth flooring. A smooth surface is better if anyone in the house has allergies or respiratory conditions.

The same can’t be said for textured floors. The very nature of the texturing will make cleaning more difficult as dirt will tend to collect in the small dips and grooves of the flooring. Children will play on the surface and pets will lay on it, adding to the debris that gets trapped.


The feeling as people walk across a smooth floor may or may not “give,” depending on the type of flooring selected. It’s typically cooler to the touch on bare feet. It can give the impression of being slippery due to its typically shiny appearance.

The sensation of a textured floor can give older individuals a false sense of security, thinking they can’t fall. Textured surfaces are warmer and an excellent choice in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways where the potential for spills or liquids that can present a slipping hazard are present.

Slippery Surfaces

A smooth floor is perceived as more slippery than one that’s textured – and it generally is – especially when spills are involved. However, the level of slipperiness will depend largely on the slip resistance rating of the flooring material itself.

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