Knowing the Right Time to Replace Your Carpet is Crucial


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Knowing the Right Time to Replace Your Carpet is Crucial

There is no doubt that carpeting can help bring exceptional warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to your home. Worn out sections and stains can take away from those specific values which make knowing when cleaning and repairing are no longer worth your time and money essential. With the right knowledge, you can understand when it is time to replace your flooring and have new carpet installed in your home.

needing new carpetThe Reasons You Should Replace Carpet

If you live in Coral Springs, Kuhn Flooring Gallery can give a multitude of reasons to get your carpet replaced. Below is a list of some of the most prominent and common reasons to purchase new carpet.

Smells and Stains

  • If you cannot get a stain to wash out with cleaner and spot removing agents, it could be time to get your carpet replaced.
  • If after shampooing and professional cleaning your carpet still has a funny or odd smell to it, it is likely time to replace the carpeting.
  • If your carpet has both stains and bad odors beyond being cleaned, you will want to get your carpet replaced as soon as possible.
  • Stains are usually a result of a food or liquid changing the color of the carpet fibers, and unfortunately, some stains are unrepairable and unable to be washed or cleaned away.
  • Odor-causing agents trapped in the threads of the carpet are usually the cause of suspicious smells; however, if the scents are not coming out with traditional cleaning, the odor-causing agents could be mold or mildew in the carpet pad underneath the rug itself. This is a cause for replacing your flooring right away. Some scent related issues are harder to clean than others such as pet accidents which can cause smells to build up in the carpet or the padding underneath and draw your pet to continue to make messes.


Dander and Allergies

  • If you notice that you or your family are having more and more dust, dander, mold, or mildew allergies and getting your carpet cleaned has not helped, it may be time to get your carpet replaced. These symptoms can often be indicators of more significant issues below the surface of the rug. Sometimes mold or mildew growing in the carpet pad can trigger allergies which are not only dangerous to your breathing and the health of those that live with you but can also damage the floorboards beneath the padding and lead to a more expensive repair bill than just having new carpet installed. Be sure to check into this as soon as possible and try to discover what’s behind your symptoms.


Worn out

  • Carpets do show wear and tear over time. If your carpet is showing spots of frequent use or is getting worn down in spaces that are continuously walked on, it might be time to have your carpet replaced.
  • If there are frayed bits of fiber or if any of the carpet has pulled up in a string type fashion, you should consider getting a new carpet.
  • Additionally, at times, the pile of your carpet may become so threadbare and thin you can see the grid mat that the carpet was initially woven on. This is another indicator that you need to start inquiring about getting new carpet.



  • If there has been a fire and part of the carpet was damaged by smoke or melted in any way, you definitely want to reach out to a contractor about getting new carpet installed.
  • Additionally, if your flooring was affected by excess water or a flood of any kind and it was not able to be dried or adequately cared for immediately you may want to think about getting a contractor to evaluate your carpet to see if they feel that you should order new carpet.
  • If parts of the carpet are pulling away from the walls or curling up in any way, you should contact a carpet installation service right away.


Kuhn Flooring For Your New Carpet

Kuhn Flooring New CarpetHere at Kuhn Flooring, we provide a multitude of flooring services. Our expert team can execute new carpet installations for your home as well as assess the state of your current flooring.

In addition to helping you decide which rooms in your home need a refresh, we will also work with you to find a product that fits your needs and works well in your home. We want you to be happy with your selection and are willing to assist with any flooring project no matter what stage it is at, including answering any design questions you may have even before the project begins. Call us today for an estimate for your new carpet.

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