South Florida Hardwood Floor Installation Experts

South Florida’s Hardwood Flooring Installation Experts


Finding a hardwood flooring expert in South Florida can be very challenging; however, knowing a few tips and tricks on how to determine if the contractor is an actual expert or a scam artist can come in handy. Here are a few ways to know who to choose for adding hardwood to your home.


Does the hardwood installation company have a variety of wood options?


Most professional flooring companies will carry a variety of wood from which you can choose. Each of the woods has unique colors and qualities to them. You can tell a flooring expert from a scam by asking questions regarding their wood selection. Teams that know what they are doing will be able to advise you on their varieties of wood. Some of the common types of wood and their qualities are listed below.


  • Bamboo – Ecologically friendly, water resistance, durable
  • Birch – Extensive resources, easily stained, unique grain look
  • Cherry – Long-lasting, dark vibrant color, can use gel stains
  • Hickory – Affordable, Highest durability, beautiful rich color
  • Mahogany – Strength increases with age, deep tone, unique look, and feel
  • Maple – Can be both hard or soft, versatility, variety of colors
  • Oak – Mid-range price, contemporary look, hardness promotes durability
  • Pecan – Workability, distinctive grain, characteristic coloring
  • Teak – Durable in all conditions, high oil content, water, and humidity resistance
  • Walnut – Robust, low price, most popular hardwood


Most hardwood floor installation companies will carry these woods in multiple shades with the options to add different colored stains or finishes on each. Take the time to discuss with each prospective contractor what you are looking for and what their recommendations for your space might be. Sometimes you can test their knowledge by asking them frequently asked questions regarding new hardwood floors.


Will your hardwood contractor be able to install other types of flooring as well?


Often, when we want to add hardwood flooring to our homes, we are remodeling more than just the spaces that need hardwood. Having a complete flooring contractor who can put carpeting in bedrooms, tile in bathrooms, and laminate in your laundry room makes for a smoother transition. When you can find an overall flooring expert, you have the luxury of only working with one set of teams. You don’t have to worry about separate bids or overlapping need of the space.


Finding a Flooring installation company who can work with all types of flooring can be difficult, and there are fewer contractors like this available; however, if you can find one, it will be worth the time spent looking for them.


Do the expert hardwood installers have good recommendations?


Just like any other contractor you would have work for you, you need to make sure that they come highly recommended. Some flooring installation companies can give you references. You can request to see some of their previous work if they complete commercial flooring jobs. Knowing what kind of jobs they do and what their completed work looks like is essential to know that they are experts and not new startup companies. Be sure you check out their public reviews on Google, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, or other websites. Knowing the positive things people are saying will help you have confidence in the company you have selected and reading the negative comments will help you understand what the contractor’s worst jobs were. This gives you a full range of knowledge to help you better decide if this is a company you trust with the investment you are putting into your home.


How does the hardwood installation company’s price estimate compare to other South Florida flooring contractors?


Price is relatively important in most of our decision-making processes. There are many flooring contractors in the area, and most of them will give you an estimate for your hardwood floor installation. If you ask for an itemized statement, you will be able to compare which parts are more expensive at different locations. Some companies have hidden fees and price each item individually. For example, some companies charge per tack used; they add fees for carrying in the supplies or charge you for equipment rental. Knowing how the account will be billed to you is essential to not having any cost related surprises later.


There are a few things you will want to consider when comparing the estimates:


  1. When looking at the pricing, you will want to consider what types of wood and flooring you have chosen, because that will make pricing vary if not the same selection on each new quote.
  2. Be sure to pay attention to how long the job will take. Some contractors may give you a bottom basement price but cannot tell you how long the project might take. These companies often fit your job in, around other jobs. This could mean your house is unlivable for some time.
  3. Consider some of the other factors you have gathered up about the different contractors. If someone is bottom basement priced, you might find that they have little to no variety and their reviews show that their customer service skills are lacking. That one company that has astronomical pricing may have more wood selections readily available and a customizable time frame such as one day or rushed jobs.


The best bet for pricing will be to look for hardwood flooring installation company that meets as many of the above categories and has a competitive price point.


The Best Hardwood Flooring Company in South Florida


After you have compared the available variety and assessed the companies knowledge base after you have found a reputable contractor who does multiple types of flooring projects, once you have completed reputation checks and price comparisons, you know that the real hardwood flooring expert in South Florida is Kuhn Flooring. This company is the best flooring contractor in the area.

With Kuhn Flooring’s knowledgeable flooring experts and friendly design teams, they can help you change your flooring plans into a functional project. By calling them today to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate, you will be taking the first necessary steps to make your living space feel more like the home you dream it can be.




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