Upgrading Your Business Entrance

Whether it’s the inside entrance to your business or the outdoor entrance leading to the business, it’s important to make it appear appealing, welcoming and clean. There are multiple ways to accomplish that goal that will aid in acquiring new customers and retaining established consumers.


For the indoor entrance to your business, choose flooring wisely as it will have a definite impact on customer perception. An elegant and sophisticated choice is porcelain tile. It offers a high level of durability, it’s fireproof, and is resistant to moisture, stains and scratches.

Porcelain doesn’t show dirt and grime like many other types of flooring. It’s low maintenance and if a tile it damaged, it’s easy to repair by removing a single tile rather than the entire flooring. Porcelain tile is cost effective and you have a wide range of colors and patterns from which to choose.


If your business entrance opens directly into a waiting area, install some comfortable and contemporary furnishings. It gives the impression of a business that’s modern and current.


The effect of plants on the psyche and the mind’s perception is enormous. That psychology can be applied inside with potted plants or small trees in entryways. You can also employ containers of cheerful, brightly colored flowering plants outside your business entrance.

Walkways & Parking Lots

If your business has the space, a walkway can direct individuals from the parking area to the company’s entrance through blooms and attractive foliage. Parking facilities and parking lots are notoriously gray and drab. They can also be made more welcoming with containers of brightly hued blossoms.

Entrance Mat

At the very least, consider an entrance mat emblazoned with your business logo. It’s a subtle and subconscious reminder about the business. It also has the additional benefit of aiding in keeping floors cleaner. They’ll require less sweeping, mopping or waxing, which will save you money.

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