What is the Average Cost of new carpet in Boca Raton

The costs of getting new carpet depend significantly on the type of carpet you choose and the square footage you will need. You can contact several carpet installation contractors near Boca Raton to get quotes and estimates but, keep reading to find out some of what you can expect from Kuhn Flooring.

Shopping Around – Expectations

When you are calling around to new carpet installers in the Boca Raton area, you will be offered free estimates. If these quotes are not itemized, you will want to discuss with the contractors what is included in the price listed. Typical price estimates include the following items:

  • The prices of carpet per square foot
    • This ranges from $3 to $15 per square foot. The average cost is usually $7 per square foot, but this cost can be minimized by looking at carpets with lower price points.
    • Saxony, Plush, multi-level loop, and Berber tend to be the most affordable carpet piles.
    • Olefin and nylon are typically the least expensive carpeting materials.
    • When prices are compared for carpet padding, you will find that urethane foam and waffled rubber is the least costly of all the options.
  • The costs for the manual labor of installation
    • This cost can widely vary based upon the cost of labor per hour with the carpet service. These can range anywhere from $1 to $8 per square foot with the national average of about $2 per square foot.
  • The charges for materials and supplies needed to complete the new carpet installation
    • Like the costs of carpeting, these figures vary based upon how much of each supply is likely to be used.
  • Other miscellaneous charges
    • You may find that some contractors will list additional charges such as surface preparation, equipment fees, and waste disposal costs.

Similarly, you can expect most flooring companies not to include some items on your initial estimate which could leave your quote being less than accurate and you surprised at the end of the project. To help eliminate any financial upsets, be sure to inquire about the following costs with each contractor at the time of the estimate.

  • The price of any city permits
    • These types of licenses are sometimes required for contractor work. Some projects will not need these, and others may. There is no set fee which means prices for these can vary greatly.
  • The costs associated with inspection
    • If you live or work in a building where an inspection has to be completed before the new carpet contractor can finish the installation, those costs will likely be added to your project price in the end.
  • Sales Tax
    • Depending on if the carpet service you have selected is located in Boca Raton, you may end up having to pay uncalculated sales tax on supplies and services.
  • Other contractors fee
    • You will want to inquire if the carpet installation company you are using have their own contractors or if they will be hiring someone to help them with the installation. If they utilize outside help, you could be charged an additional contractor fee at the end of the service.


What It All Adds Up To, the Total

When looking at the individual costs for getting new carpet installed in Boca Raton, you can see how the service is an affordable and reasonable flooring solution; however, when you total up those costs, they can come as a surprise. Typical total carpet installation prices range anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. The average cost for a Boca Raton new carpet installation is about $4,300.  These prices could be more or less based upon carpet choice, project size, and the contractor you have selected.

Remember when comparing prices to look for a company that offers you a mid-range price. Typically, bottom basement prices are going to indicate that their product is not high quality, or that they may be cutting corners somewhere. Companies who have a higher quote could be charging you massive markups or excessive fees for services that are unnecessary. An excellent middle priced contractor is likely giving you a great deal on the carpet and providing you with quality installation.

Kuhn Flooring and Your Carpet

At Kuhn Flooring, we offer complete floor installation services. Along with our multitude of carpet selections, we offer tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring as well. Our expert customer service team can assist you with selecting a floor that will help accentuate your homes natural beauty, adding a welcoming feel to any room. With our innovative Florida flooring solutions, we have something for everyone. Contact us today for your custom Boca Raton floor installation estimate.