Why Should I Wax my Hardwood Floors?

Many people assume that once their new hardwood floors are installed, all they need to do is occasionally run a dust mop or vacuum over the floor. While hardwood flooring typically doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance – one of the many reasons why it’s so popular – waxing helps keep your floor looking beautiful. Waxing is the first line of defense against situations that can mar the beauty of your hardwood floor.

Restores Shine

Hardwood floors can begin to look dull and dingy over time. Waxing restores shine and luster to the flooring. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to keep floors looking better over time without the need for refinishing. Wax developed specifically for hardwood floors is readily available, even at supermarkets. The premade formulas are easy to apply and don’t require much in the way of time or effort on your part.

Stain Resistance

A little-known fact about your hardwood floor is that it can easily absorb moisture that will stain the finish. Even small spills can result in a stain. Waxing provides a barrier against moisture and staining from multiple types of liquid.

Minimize Imperfections

Superficial damage from dings, scuffs, and scratches is bound to occur. A wax coating helps cover, camouflage, and minimize the appearance of small imperfections.

Extends Life

Waxing your hardwood floor extends the life of the flooring. Floors that have received regular maintenance and have been regularly waxed will last longer than those that don’t have a protective barrier – sometimes years longer.


Waxing only offers limited resistance when dents, dings, gouges and scratches are deep. It won’t ward off cupping, bulging or warping if the floor comes in contact with an excessive amount of liquid. Waxing provides a top layer of protection against everyday wear and tear. The best defense is to have your hardwood floor treated with a sealer when it’s installed. However, you can still wax your unfinished hardwood floor for a level of protection.

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