Living with the same flooring everyday can blind individuals to its state of disrepair and need for replacement. Damage often occurs over time and in small increments. Individuals become used to seeing it. There are 4 primary signs that indicate it’s time for new flooring and for which individuals should look.

Wear and Tear

Entertaining family and friends, children and pets can subject floors to unintentional damage. Depending on the type of flooring that’s currently installed, it could develop rips, tears, cracks, and scratches, along with stains, peeling and discolorations. Deep scratches are a sure sign of the need for a new floor, as are stains that can’t be removed with a deep cleaning.

Water Damage

If a leaky roof or a broken or leaking pipe deposits water in the home, the best solution is to completely replace any affected flooring. Water will penetrate the flooring into carpet pads and underlying supportive structures. Mold is a very real result. Staining and bulging of flooring also occurs.


Unpleasant odors can be the result of water damage, mold and mildew, spills, or even pet accidents that have made it through into the subfloor. In addition to new flooring, individuals may also need to have the subfloor replaced.

Air Quality

Many people suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions. The type of flooring installed can have a major impact on indoor air quality and the ease with which people breathe. Some types of flooring are more prone to trapping allergens. If individuals experience increased allergy symptoms or breathing difficulty, it can be time to replace the flooring.

Good News

There are a wide variety of modern flooring options from which to choose that will accommodate any need and personal preference. Some flooring choices are made of natural materials and are eco-friendly. Multiple styles, patterns and colors ensure there’s an option for any décor.