A Few Considerations for Kitchen Flooring

It doesn’t matter what type of kitchen with which a home is equipped, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing flooring. Kitchens typically receive a lot of use and are prone to accidents and damage that other rooms in the house won’t encounter. Budget Individuals should ensure they know what their budget […]


Living with the same flooring everyday can blind individuals to its state of disrepair and need for replacement. Damage often occurs over time and in small increments. Individuals become used to seeing it. There are 4 primary signs that indicate it’s time for new flooring and for which individuals should look. Wear and Tear Entertaining […]

Kuhn Flooring is Your One Stop Shop for All Your Flooring Requirements


Shopping for flooring is much more difficult than in the past. New materials and larger selections can bring individuals to a standstill in their quest for flooring that meets their needs. It’s just one of the reasons that the professionals at Kuhn Flooring are always available to assist with helpful advice and information, along with […]

Is Carpet Still a Popular Flooring Choice?

Mohawk Flooring Types 

The answer to that question is a rounding yes. Despite the hype surrounding hardwood flooring, carpeting is making a definite comeback after falling out of favor in the 1970s due to the shag carpeting craze. Today’s carpeting offers a much larger selection of colors, textures, patterns and materials than in years past. An increasing number […]

Pet Friendly Flooring Options

Pets are integral members of the family and anyone with an animal companion well-knows the type of messes their furry friends can make. They can have accidents when they’re babies and seniors, and track in dirt and undesirable debris. Pets don’t care about the floor, but their human counterparts want flooring that’s easily cleaned and […]

5 Best Outdoor Floorings for a Patio

patio flooring

People typically spend a lot of time on their patio and they don’t want to spend hours cleaning and readying it for entertaining. There are a number of materials that are ideal for patios and the ultimate selection will depend on an individual’s budget and personal preferences. Porcelain Tile Porcelain tile is fireproof, durable, and […]

Best Garage Flooring Options

There are an extensive range of options for garage floors, many of which most people aren’t even aware. No one has to contend with a plain, drab concrete garage floor when there are so many textures, colors and aesthetically pleasing flooring selections available. Flooring choices are offered at multiple price points to accommodate any budget. […]

Matching Stairs with Flooring

Hardwood Flooring: Durable, Low Maintenance, & Long Lasting

One of the biggest problems for homeowners after they’ve had new flooring installed is how their stairs look in comparison. They wonder if their stairs should match their flooring. It’s actually not so much a question of matching, but one of transitioning. It doesn’t matter whether the flooring is hardwood, carpeting or something in between, […]

Advice for Choosing the Right Floor Color

The sheer number of different floor colors can throw some people into a tailspin of indecision and confusion. One doesn’t have to be an interior designer to utilize the same tips, tricks and strategies as the professionals. Room Size For those with a large or wide room, consider a darker color to make it feel […]

Most Expensive Floors in the World

Commercial Flooring company coral springs

Individuals can experience sticker shock when they explore the costs of some flooring options. However, there are some floors that are beyond pricy and makes the cost of hardwood flooring seem cheap in comparison. A price of $12 to $15 per square foot is considered expensive, but not when compared with some types of wood. […]