5 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Flooring

Choosing new flooring is fun and exciting. It can also be confusing with so many options from
which to choose. Individuals may have their heart set on one type of flooring, only to discover
what they perceive as a major disadvantage. Always speak up and ask questions. It will save
time, money and potential buyer’s remorse.
Individuals should think about their lifestyle. Factors that will influence flooring choices include
budget, children, pets, allergies, amount of foot traffic, and frequency of entertaining. Clients
should ask themselves how much time they’re willing to devote to upkeep.
Hidden Fees
The potential for hidden fees can significantly increase the cost of floor installation. Included in
any estimate should be removal and disposal of the existing flooring, along with
repair/replacement of any subflooring or moldings that may be needed. Professional installers
will be able to measure accurately without charging customers for overages. The estimate
should also include fees for any finishes or coatings, and a warranty of materials and
workmanship. Find out if the company charges extra for moving furniture out of the way.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Many people purchase flooring only to discover that it requires more cleaning, care and
maintenance than they anticipated. Some types of flooring will need periodic refinishing or
grouting. Find out how resistant the flooring is to scuffs, scratches, scrapes, dents, water, spills
and staining. Ask about the estimated lifespan of the flooring.
Individuals should receive a solid answer to exactly when the flooring will be installed and how
long the project will take. This is especially true if clients have opted to move their own
furnishings to clear the way for installation,
Ask about warranties on materials and workmanship if something goes awry. Clients should
find out if the company will contact them in the event of a recall or manufacturer’s defect. It
seldom happens, but individuals will need to know and activate any options covered in the


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