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Lighten up your Home with New Flooring

Few people think about the impact their flooring has on their home. Dark flooring can make rooms seem smaller, darker, and more difficult to illuminate. Dark colors tend to absorb light and if the majority of the furnishings in a room are dark, it compounds the problem. Dark rooms also have a negative impact on your mental state.

Just as a freshly cleaned floor can give the impression of less clutter in a room, light-colored flooring brightens the appearance of a room. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the technological advances in modern manufacturing processes and the flooring options available. A great many people still choose dark flooring in the hope that it will be less likely to show dirt, scuffs and scratches.

Light-colored flooring is an excellent reflector of light, whether it’s natural illumination from windows or electric lighting. Floor colors in lighter hues and rich tones also provide the perception of a modern, contemporary space. Even when there’s not a lot of natural light or light sources, a lighter-colored floor covering will make a dark room seem lighter and a dark room seem larger.

Scandinavia is credited with creating the trend in lighter colored flooring and finishes back in the 1950s as a way to combat the long, dark winter days Eastern Europe experiences. When using light-colored flooring as the foundation, it’s easy to furnish and accessorize to maintain a brighter and more visually appealing aesthetic.

When Dark Floors Work

As with anything, there are exceptions and the same is true of dark flooring. When paired with brightly colored accessories and lighter-hued furniture, walls and ceiling, flooring of darker colors can actually make a room appear brighter due to the contrast factor. It sounds counterintuitive, but the contrast can be extremely striking and will be perceived as elegant and luxurious. Darker flooring can help camouflage any imperfections, small scratches and scrapes.

For over 30 Years Kuhn Flooring has been providing superior quality flooring products and installations to Coral Springs as well as all of South Florida Residential and Commercial Property owners. We are the #1 Flooring Company in South Florida. Kuhn Flooring is equally qualified as we are committed to delivering 5-star service to all our customers in South Florida.

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