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New Hardwood Floors – Ideas & Inspiration

When shopping for hardwood floors or any flooring for that matter, you always want to spend some time looking at the different flooring styles and ideas. Shopping around will give you a better impression of what you want your rooms to look like when they are complete. There are great places from which you can get design ideas. Kuhn Flooring is a trustworthy floor installation company in Coral Springs that goes above and beyond to meet your needs.

Types of Hard Wood and Their Qualities

There are hundreds of types of materials that are used for flooring, and a large portion of those varieties are hardwood. Some of the more common woods are listed below.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable
    • Woven fiber bamboo is some of the most robust flooring materials currently on the market.


  • Easily Stained
    • Due to the lighter color and the soft texture of the raw birch wood, it is easily stainable and can be manipulated to achieve almost any color.
  • Unique Grain Look
    • If the wood is cut in a way that the age rings show in the grain, the effect can leave your floor looking like waves on a beach. Due to this effect, birch wood is one of the more popular flooring choices


  • Long-lasting
    • Due to the hardened nature of cherry wood, it will last for long periods which makes it ideal for flooring.
  • Dark Vibrant Color
    • The golden red tint that cherry wood has is very distinctive. Though some people seek the lighter woods for a more modern appearance, there is a classic elegance that comes with the deeper colors in some woods.


  • Affordable
    • Hickory lumber is one of the most affordable hardwoods on the market.
  • Highest Durability
    • The hardness of this wood makes it one of the most durable flooring options.


  • Strength Increases with Age
    • As Mahogany ages, its strength increases. This process means that your hardwood floors will get better with time.
  • Deep Tone
    • The colors of mahogany often give a feeling of classiness or sophistication.


  • Versatility
    • Maple wood is used in many applications such as furniture, building materials, and hardwood flooring.
  • Variety of Colors
    • Due to the multitude of maple tree varieties, this relatively affordable wood comes in different shades, most of which are light enough to alter with a stain.


  • Mid-range Price
    • Because oak wood is a relatively common type of wood and is used in a multitude of applications, it is one of the more mid-range priced hardwoods on the market.
  • Contemporary Look
    • Oak has a lighter color which is typically associated with a more modern look and texture when used as flooring.


  • Distinctive Grain
    • Pecan wood is most distinctively known for its fragrant smoke when being burned, but second, only to that is its distinctive grain. Southern designers have long coveted these markings.
  • Characteristic Coloring
    • The coloring of pecan wood is unique. It can bring a down-home or country feeling to any room. With hardwood pecan flooring and a beautiful hand-selected area rug, you could make any room feel warm and welcoming.


  • Durable in All Conditions
    • Teak wood is one of the most expensive woods available; however, it is also one of the most versatile hardwoods on the market. This is due to it being durable in all weather conditions.
  • Weather Proof
    • With the high oil content found in teak wood, it is virtually water, humidity, and sun resistant. This wood may be more costly, but it will hold up over time.


  • Robust
    • Due to walnut wood being resilient, it is often one of the more long-lasting hardwood floorings selected.
  • Low Priced
    • Another feature that makes walnut wood one of the most popular hardwoods is that it is known for typically being the lowest priced hardwood.


Kuhn Flooring Gallery for Your Coral Springs Hardwood Installation.

We know finding just the right hardwood for your floors is essential. Please check out our online portfolio for design ideas and inspiration. When it comes to the vibrant colors in wood, pictures are worth a thousand words. You can trust us with your Coral Springs hardwood floor installation. Contact us today to speak with our experts about your project and set up an appointment so that we can get you an estimate. Here at Kuhn Flooring, we have a design team that can help you finalize your imagined ideas and turn them into realities for your home today.

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