Popular Bathroom Flooring Choices


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Popular Bathroom Flooring Choices

Bathrooms can present special challenges when choosing flooring since they’re exposed to high humidity levels and the potential for spills always exist. Individuals have a variety of materials from which to choose that will meet multiple budgetary concerns to update or refurbish their bathrooms.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Both materials are classic choices that provide protection against moisture since they’re waterproof when a sealant coat is added. Both are equally good choices, available in an array of colors and offer the appearance of high-end marble, natural stone and even wood.

However, porcelain is more refined, fired at a higher temperature, less porous, and more durable. To minimize the risk of slips, choose smaller or textured styles for either material. Porcelain is a good choice for structures with under-floor heating. It’s resistant to scratching and similar damage, but is hard and cold to the touch.

Luxury Vinyl

Reasonable pricing and water resistance have made vinyl an increasingly popular choice. It’s available in a myriad of styles, colors, patterns, and is offered in planks or tiles that provide the luxury appearance of hardwood or tile flooring. It’s an easy-care solution that’s also cost effective.


Many people overlook the value of cork for flooring, but it has a variety of qualities that make it a good choice for bathrooms. It has antimicrobial properties, is easy to maintain, and durable.

Cork only burns at high temperatures making it an effective safety measure. It’s almost impervious to moisture, is a natural acoustic and thermal insulator, and provides a comfortable surface on which to walk and play. It’s also an eco-friendly material that’s sustainable.


Polished concrete is becoming more popular as a highly durable flooring surface. One of the benefits is that even old concrete can be polished. It’s highly resistant to moisture, staining and damage. Polished concrete can provide the luxury appearance of natural stone or marble.

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