A Few Considerations for Kitchen Flooring

It doesn’t matter what type of kitchen with which a home is equipped, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing flooring. Kitchens typically receive a lot of use and are prone to accidents and damage that other rooms in the house won’t encounter. Budget Individuals should ensure they know what their budget […]

Vinyl Flooring Cleaning Tips

cleaning luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring is a popular option for homes, businesses and commercial enterprises due to its ability to perform well in high foot traffic areas. Its resistant to scuffing, scratching and dents from sources ranging from high heels to pets and children. Available in tiles and planks, the material is a budget-friendly choice. Care and […]

Top 5 Qualities of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The vinyl flooring of today bears little resemblance to the vinyl flooring of even 20 years ago. Technology has advanced significantly and has been incorporated into the material to create flooring that’s far superior to the preceding versions. Installation of vinyl flooring has also changed. Most people envision big cylinders of flooring that takes multiple […]

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring

luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the hottest trends in flooring for residences and commercial spaces. Once viewed as a thin and cheap floor covering, today’s luxury vinyl flooring is nothing like the versions of the past. It’s available in multiple colors and patterns, along with tiles and planks that emulate the appearance of high-end […]

The Versatility of Vinyl

Anyone looking for new flooring should seriously consider vinyl. Modern vinyl flooring isn’t the same material that it was even 20 years ago. Today’s luxury vinyl is available in planks and tiles that emulate the look of high-end flooring. It’s highly versatile, decorative, and a good solution in homes with children, seniors, and pets. Luxury […]

Popular Bathroom Flooring Choices

Bathrooms can present special challenges when choosing flooring since they’re exposed to high humidity levels and the potential for spills always exist. Individuals have a variety of materials from which to choose that will meet multiple budgetary concerns to update or refurbish their bathrooms. Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Both materials are classic choices that provide […]

Affordable Alternatives to Hardwood Floors

Laminate Dos for your south florida home

Hardwood flooring is one of the most desirable materials across the nation for homes. However, with the materials and technology available today, there are a variety of alternatives that individuals can choose from that are affordably priced and will enhance value. Laminate It’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and available in multiple styles, colors, and finishes. Laminate […]

Best Stain Resistant Flooring Options

There comes a time in every home or business owner’s life when they have to think about new flooring. The range of materials is far greater than at any time in flooring history, each with its own unique set of properties. In areas where children, pets, or high foot traffic is a concern there’s always […]

Why Vinyl?


Hardwood may currently be the king of flooring choices, but individuals shouldn’t discount the benefits and advantages of luxury vinyl flooring. It’s affordable, available in a wealth of colors and patterns, and is also offered in planks that emulate high-end hardwood. Manufacturing processes have advanced considerably since vinyl flooring was first introduced. Today’s vinyl can […]

Gorgeous Flooring

luxury vinyl flooring

Flooring forms the foundation upon which color schemes and décor are built. With the wide variety of options available, it can be difficult to choose the type of flooring that will best meet personal aesthetics, functionality, and enhance living spaces. Carpet Carpeting is warm, soft, comfortable, and also functions as a layer of insulation that […]