Advice for Choosing the Right Floor Color

The sheer number of different floor colors can throw some people into a tailspin of indecision and confusion. One doesn’t have to be an interior designer to utilize the same tips, tricks and strategies as the professionals. Room Size For those with a large or wide room, consider a darker color to make it feel […]

Large Room Flooring Ideas

large room flooring

Just as small rooms can be a problem when choosing a floor covering, larger rooms come with their own set of difficulties. Some individuals want their large rooms to look cozier or even bigger in some instances. Whether individuals want to update or create a whole new look, there’s a solution for everyone. The colors […]

Flooring Patterns and Layouts

floor patterns

One of the major problems for homeowners is how to make a small room appear larger, but others want to create a cozier look. Much will depend on the pattern of the chosen flooring and the layout when it’s installed. There’s no unspoken rule that says flooring must be laid in a linear pattern. Flooring […]

Flooring That Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

The flooring in a home has a significant impact on its resale value and in today’s market, anything that’s not carpeting is a distinct advantage. Modern homeowners are busier than ever and are looking for flooring that’s easy-care and doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. An increasing concern is air quality and illness. […]

Hire Flooring Experts to Help you Design your Space

large room flooring

Whether you lack innate talent at floor design or you’re just not sure what to do with your surface, consulting with a flooring expert can solve any problem. They’ll help you design a space that’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, reflects your personal style, and won’t break the budget. Scrolling through pages of online catalogs and inventories […]

Questions to Ask when Considering a New Floor

professional flooring company

Selecting new flooring can seem like an overwhelming endeavor when confronted with the extensive range of materials, patterns, colors, and styles. Many people considering a new floor begin with the best of intentions, viewing the process as a DIY project only to regret the decision at a later date. Hiring a professional floor installer is […]

Luxury Vinyl VS Hardwood: The Facts

Luxury Vinyl

Hardwood flooring is often regarded as the highest standard when it comes to flooring materials; while consumers often think of vinyl flooring as some of the lowest quality flooring options. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is outdated and quite flawed. Yes, hardwood flooring is beautiful and classic; however, modern luxury vinyl flooring can rival hardwood’s […]