There are many reasons why you may decide to update your flooring. It may be old and damaged, you just want to make a change, or you may be considering selling your home. Upgrading doesn’t necessarily include changing to different flooring material. You may like the current flooring but want a more contemporary look.
There are dozens of factors that combine to make your business attractive to customers and clients. One of the most overlooked elements is the flooring in your business space. A company with a floor that appears dirty, damaged, or worn gives the impression of a business that doesn’t care or even one that’s failing. Simply installing a new floor can boost the value and attractiveness of your business space.
The extraordinary options available with today’s vinyl flooring means no one has to pay a lot to have a fashionable floor. It’s easy to duplicate the look of high-end flooring materials with sleek, luxury vinyl. It’s available in tiles and planks that are ideal for any home or business.

Families with children and pets know how quickly scratches can mar the finish of the floor. Children’s toys, pet nails, and broken objects can quickly take a toll on flooring. Some types of materials are better at standing up to the many incidents that can...

The term “stone tile” typically brings to mind marble or granite, but there are dozens of popular stone materials of which many individuals aren’t even aware. The most popular are ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Each can be used in homes or businesses to great effect and some have striking similarities. Leading the pack in the stone tile market are the following.

Bleach is an effective disinfectant, but it’s not the only option that people have to kill bacteria and viruses. It’s also not necessarily the best choice for floors. It’s a good idea to clean floors before applying a disinfectant and it’s essential that the manufacturer’s...

For many years, people have denied themselves the benefit of light-colored flooring in favor of darker colors in the belief that dark colors tend to show dirt and wear less than their lighter-colored counterparts. There are an equal number of individuals that believe the opposite...

Hardwood may currently be the king of flooring choices, but individuals shouldn’t discount the benefits and advantages of luxury vinyl flooring. It’s affordable, available in a wealth of colors and patterns, and is also offered in planks that emulate high-end hardwood. Manufacturing processes have advanced considerably...

Carpeting is soft to walk on and provides a certain amount of insulation to the floor. It’s also prone to staining and can trap allergens, bacteria and viruses in the fibers. Homeowners can still enjoy all the benefits of carpeting while keeping it clean, healthy,...

The floors in a home are a major selling point for many buyers and can add significantly to the asking price for sellers. Real estate agents have discovered that flooring has a much larger impact on a buyer than many people ever suspected. The flooring...




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