How to Repair a Sinking Floor

New laminate flooring in South Florida

A sinking floor is disturbing and dangerous. Before embarking on a course of action to rectify the problem, it’s essential to ascertain the reason for the sagging and its severity. While it’s possible for individuals to fix the problem themselves, it’s really best to hire professionals that have experience in the field. The most common […]

4 Flooring Trends to Transform Your Home

Flooring trends change and evolve every few years and 2022 is no different. It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl, the winds of change are blowing in the new year and it’s evident in trending flooring options with prints, patterns, colors and textures. Hardwood remains the king of flooring choices in […]

Flooring Patterns and Layouts

floor patterns

One of the major problems for homeowners is how to make a small room appear larger, but others want to create a cozier look. Much will depend on the pattern of the chosen flooring and the layout when it’s installed. There’s no unspoken rule that says flooring must be laid in a linear pattern. Flooring […]

How the Pros can Find Flooring to Fit Your Style

The Right Contractor for the Job

The sheer number of flooring selections available can leave you completely confused. Choosing the material for your flooring can be difficult enough, but when confronted by the sheer volume of colors, patterns and textures you may be tempted to throw up your hands in frustration. That’s when it’s time to consult with the pros. They […]

Hire Flooring Experts to Help you Design your Space

large room flooring

Whether you lack innate talent at floor design or you’re just not sure what to do with your surface, consulting with a flooring expert can solve any problem. They’ll help you design a space that’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, reflects your personal style, and won’t break the budget. Scrolling through pages of online catalogs and inventories […]

Restore or Replace my Floors?

At some point, every home or business owner will be faced with the decision of restoring or replacing their flooring. It’s a choice that will depend on many factors including the cost, type of existing floor, and age. It can be extremely beneficial to consult with a flooring expert that can provide advice on different […]

The History of Carpets in America

The History of Carpets in America - Boca Raton flooring company

Step up color and comfort in your home with quality carpets and area rugs from our Florida flooring gallery. Whether you are looking for a Boca Raton flooring company that can help you find the right look for your home or practical business flooring solutions for your Broward or Palm Beach County business, we offer […]

More five-star Florida flooring reviews

More five-star Florida flooring reviews

You don’t survive in the highly competitive South Florida flooring market by cutting corners. At Kuhn Flooring Gallery, a flooring company in Palm Beach you can trust, we are very proud of our 30+ year history providing personalized service and quality flooring for Boca Raton, Coral Springs and Parkland families. And we are grateful to […]

Good news about our service and our Florida flooring

Good news about our service and our Florida flooring

In South Florida, companies come and go – especially in the building trades. Kuhn Flooring Gallery, on the other hand, is here for the long haul!  We have been providing our unique brand of customer service – as well as the ultimate in Florida flooring – to our friends and neighbors in South Florida for […]

It’s an aMAYzing month at Kuhn Flooring of Boca Raton!

It’s an aMAYzing month at Kuhn Flooring of Boca Raton!

Who doesn’t like the month of May?  If you’re one of the many South Florida residents who left colder climes behind to settle in the Sunshine State, you probably remember how marvelous it was to see the first crocuses bravely bloom and to experience the gentle breezes and glorious sunshine of May after the steely […]