Is Carpet Still a Popular Flooring Choice?

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The answer to that question is a rounding yes. Despite the hype surrounding hardwood flooring, carpeting is making a definite comeback after falling out of favor in the 1970s due to the shag carpeting craze. Today’s carpeting offers a much larger selection of colors, textures, patterns and materials than in years past. An increasing number […]

How Often Should Carpeting be Replaced

Most manufacturers say carpeting will last for 10 years – with the proper care. However, the lifespan of carpeting is reliant upon other factors as well. It will depend on how much traffic the carpet receives and the type of material from which it was made. By the end of 10 years, the carpet will […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Floor Replacement

Replacing a floor isn’t nearly as easy as it may seem. There are baseboards to remove and extremely fine measurements to be made. Many individuals begin their floor replacement project as a DIY task assuming it will be a weekend project and they’ll save money. It’s only after you’ve torn out the old flooring and […]

How to Choose Commercial Carpeting

There are multiple advantages for businesses that install commercial carpeting. One of the biggest benefits is that it acts as a sound barrier to reduce noise. It’s also an insulator that helps floors retain heat. Both of those attributes have been shown to increase employee productivity, particularly in office settings. Commercial carpeting is heavier than […]

5 Different Types of Carpeting

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Choosing carpeting can be a highly confusing endeavor. Other than textures and length of the fibers, carpeting looks pretty much the same to the untrained eye. There are five basic types, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There are multiple lengths and ways that fibers can be cut to create texture, and […]

Best Non-Slip Flooring Options

Children and the elderly are more prone to slips and falls than any other age group. The risk increases in areas where spills and moisture are most likely such as bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. Mobility for seniors may also involve canes, walkers or wheelchairs, all of which present specific problems on slippery surfaces. The following […]

Choosing your Bedroom Carpeting

Carpeting is a traditional floor covering for bedrooms to produce a soft and romantic feel. It also provides a buffer when you first get out of bed. Instead of stepping onto a cold, hard floor, your feet are treated to warmth and comfort. When the bedroom is carpeted, it will also provide a soft and […]

Is it Time to get Rid of your Old Carpet?

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The floors in your home sustain a lot of damage over time from sources that include children, pets and entertaining. That’s particularly true of carpeting. Whether you install new carpeting or transition to completing different flooring, there are certain signs that it’s time to take up the old carpeting. Much will depend on the amount […]

Tips for Adding an Accent Rug to your New Floor

Accent rugs serve many practical purposes and enhance décor. They’re an often-overlooked accessory that adds warmth and personality to rooms. Accent rugs are appropriate for bare and carpeted flooring and should either highlight the rest of the décor or create a contrast with the style or layout of the room. The following are some tips […]

Is Carpet Flooring a Thing of the Past?

In days gone by, the height of luxury used to be carpeting – a classy floor covering reserved for the wealthy and elite. Times have changed dramatically.  With the current trend toward hardwood flooring and the desire for low maintenance surfaces, many people don’t even consider carpeting for their flooring needs. Whether carpeting is a […]